By Benjamin Njoku

The pending case involving  the Chief Executive Officer of Chinmark Group, Chinedu Ijiomah Marksman has been resurrected after the release of trending Nollywood movie, Ponzi Lord on YouTube by filmmaker and media entrepreneur, Ugochukwu Favour-Mayor.

Months after  releasing   the controversial movie, The Cathedral, the producer, Ugochukwu dropped an anti-ponzi scheme film, Ponzi Lord to shine light on some of the secret activities exercised by those propagating it to scam the general public of their hard earned money.

Ugochukwu, whose last movie attracted the attention of the leader of the Catholic community in Rome, Pope Francis is yet to confirm whether Ponzi Lord is truly about the crashed investment company, Chinmark.

However, some Facebook netizens after watching some of the released episodes concurred that the movie appeared to be a thorough investigation by an insider who decided to tell the story of what really transpired during the early days of Chinmark through a movie.

Also, barely a week after the release of the movie, an arrest had been carried out by the Nigerian Police against Chinmark’s lead social media influencer, Amanda Chisom. As informed, she is expected to provide the founder of Chinmark before her bail condition can be met with. Also, we learnt that her role was also captured in the movie; though the film adds a disclaimer while describing  it as  a work of art.

Recall  that the aggrieved investors have launched trials on social media, dragging Chinmark, Chinedu Marksman Ijiomah, Amanda Chisom and all other brand ambassadors who promoted the company on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms since they began operations.

As it is in real life, Ponzi Lord’s storyline also detailed how investors made payments running into billions under a contractual agreement that the company would on a monthly basis pay a flavour-packed ROI to them.

In a statement released on December 25th, 2021 on its official website, SEC described Chinmark as an “illegal operator”, as it went ahead to freeze its accounts. We learnt that the matter is currently in court, but the whereabouts of the Chinmark CEO remains unknown.


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