By Vincent Ujumadu

The Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese in Anambra State, Most Reverend Paulinus Ezeokafor is bitter over the increasing abduction and killing of Catholic priests across the country, asking, “what have we priests done?”

Liking the killing of priests to the killing of Jesus Christ the second time, the visibly sad Ezeokafor said it was clear that those behind the act had tacitly declared war against the Church in Nigeria, with Catholic priests, religious and laity, as their major targets.

According to him, it was unfortunate that the Federal Government of Nigeria was treating the ugly development with levity, arguing that it would appear that some people, somewhere were determined to carry out evil against the Universal Church.

The cleric said: “With the continued abduction and killing of Catholic priests, one would conclude that there is a grand plan to silence Christ’s followers in the country, but we will neither be cowed, nor intimidated.

“Catholic priests are Christ’s representatives on earth. Killing them amounts to killing Christ a second time. Catholic priests should be respected. They made the greatest sacrifice here: no wife, no children, no heir, nobody to succeed them when they are gone. What other sacrifice is greater or costlier than that?

“You are abducting and killing them because they are doing Christ’s work on earth. What wrong have they done?

“It is really abominable to maim a priest. Why go after a hapless servant of God? Someone who has left everything for the sake of God’s people. Priests deserve to be protected, encouraged and motivated.”

“Their cries will reach the heavens and the heavens will fight their battles. Nigerian government should be very careful because their usual silence over these killings and abduction of Catholic priests simply shows that they are enjoying it. They should not continue to play the ostrich.

“I am seriously troubled and pained and can no longer keep quiet. Catholic priests should be appreciated for leading in everything good and sacrificing their all. They are not after ministerial appointments or contracts. Why go after them?”

The Bishop also spoke on the controversial Muslim-Muslim ticket of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, saying that such a thing is unacceptable in a secular state like Nigeria.

Describing it as height of insensitivity, Ezeokafor added: “You cannot, in a country like Nigeria with many religions, be talking about Muslim-Muslim ticket. Are they saying that there is no competent Christian in the north? I’m sure there are many of them.

‘There must be balance in everything. These are some of the things that are causing so much agitation here and there. Nigerians should rise and condemn it. Nigeria is not a Moslem country. We have two major religions; Christianity and Islam. There are others too.

Why settle for one religion if you do not have a hidden agenda?”“Why is he so mischievous that he forgot that his Boko Haram kinsmen were killing Nigerians like fowls and asking for an Islamic caliphate yet his brother who is parading as elected President both in 2015 and 2019 has not done anything?

“Even today Boko Haram, bandits and Fulani terrorist herdsmen have not stopped kidnapping for ransom and killing Nigerians, has such happened in Igbo land, yet his brother is president, presiding over killing of Nigerians.

“All the terrorists maiming Nigerians, raping women and slaughtering people like fowls today are they not Fulani men, yet nobody has called for their elimination elimination of Fulani people, why should Bulkachuwa call for death of the Igbo race and he is still walking around as if nothing happened?

“We do not blame Bulkachuwa, but for the treachery of Igbo political elite who love their enemies and hate their people this quota-system Senator, would not have had the temerity to spew out this trash against the highly enterprising and globally-respected IGBO race.

“When our leader was telling everybody that cared to know the wicked agenda of the Fulani people against Biafrans, they doubted him and even colluded with the enemies against their own. Today, all the prophecies of our leader have come true.

“We want Bulkachuwa and his Fulani kinsmen to understand that we know their game plan, but are well ahead of them. We will expose all their secret agendas against Biafrans ahead of 2023 election. We are prepared to stop their wicked agenda, we can’t run away for them, let them try us.

“We just want the politically confused Igbo senators and other politicians to understand that their treachery is the reason the Fulanis are insulting us. Again, Bulkachuwa should be held responsible should anything happens to Biafrans or the good people of South East.”


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