July 27, 2022

Binance collaborates with Edubox Global, takes Blockchain Education to Northern Nigeria

Binance, world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, has collaborated with Edubox Global, a leading platform facilitating opportunities for the education of Africans, to launch a crypto education tour across eight states in Northern Nigeria.

According to a report published by EFInA, 68.6% of financially excluded Nigerians are in Northern Nigeria.

As a result, Binance is taking its education efforts to the region to ensure indigines have a good understanding of the technology and are able to leverage crypto for greater financial accessibility.

Subsequently, this will create new opportunities for Northern Nigerians – with many acquiring skills, gaining employment and obtaining access to financial systems that were previously unavailable to them. Notably, by helping them understand the blockchain ecosystem, they can position themselves to benefit from this wealth transfer era.

The Binance Northern Experience kicked off on July 14 with a goal to empower Northern Nigerians by exposing them to practical ways to gain access to financial freedom in a post-pandemic world. The tour is to be hosted in 14 locations across eight states in Northern Nigeria. It has been split into three seasons, with each season featuring offline community meetups and masterclasses in the selected states.

Olubunmi Fabanwo, Programme Manager at Binance Africa, is facilitating blockchain education in Kaduna

The first season of the tour started with offline educational events in Jos, Kaduna and Kano, introducing people to the world of cryptocurrency, as well as the Binance Ecosystem. These events took place on 14th, 18th and 19th July, respectively. The season recorded over 1000 attendees with keen interests in blockchain technology. Attendees also participated in engaging games like an NFT quiz, with the top five winners receiving NFTs.

Ahmed Ado, one of the attendees said: “Nobody ever wants to come to the North because of all they hear about the region, but you people (Binance) have been bold enough to come all the way. There is potential here for crypto and blockchain generally. We look forward to more of these initiatives.”

Emmanuel Ebanehita, Marketing Lead at Binance Africa said: “Since 2020, we have been dedicated to pushing blockchain and crypto education across Africa, training over 600,000 crypto enthusiasts. Our goal is to ensure that everyone understands the impact of blockchain technology and what it means for financial accessibility. Our initiatives in Northern Nigeria have been thrilling so far, with much more enthusiasts than we even expected. It’s been awesome guiding crypto beginners on the basics of blockchain and communicating the different opportunities available within the industry.”

Following the success of the first season, Season 2 of the Binance Northern Experience is set for August 2022 in Niger, Bauchi and Gombe states. This education tour could not have come at a better time given the current economic downturn and rising inflation.

By taking its education efforts to Northern Nigeria, Binance continues its mission to increase crypto literacy, drive blockchain adoption and enable greater financial accessibility for Africans. Since the kick off in January 2020, the Binance Masterclass has provided free crypto education to over 600,000 Africans.

What to expect from seasons 2 & 3:

Learn basics of blockchain

Discover how others are using crypto in their everyday lives and how to store value with crypto and earn on your crypto balances.

Understand real-world applications of the blockchain, understand crypto trading and how it works in simple terms and gain access to job opportunities.