…call on Nigerians to defend themselves against insecurity

By Chinedu Adonu

The Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria, YOWICAN, South East zone has vowed not to vote for political structures or parties, stressing that the current political class have failed the country.

The association made this known in a communiqué signed by its chairman, Revd. Oluchukwu Onuigwe at the end of an extensive meeting in Aba, Abia state, disclosed that they would vote for individual with a people oriented leadership, equity and justice, who will give Nigerians back our country.

“The Christian youth leaders in South East are determined now more than ever before to vote out unproductive, wicked and evil politicians who have held the country to the jugular, and force our political office holders to account for their stewardship while in office.

“We call for a new spirit of leadership. Christian youths will not vote parties and structures in 2023, they have failed us, we will vote individuals with a people oriented leadership, equity and justice, who will give us back our Nigeria,” he said.

They also called on Nigerians to rise and defend themselves against the rising insecurity in the land where people are kidnapped at will and huge sums of money demanded as ransom.

They sued for the restoration of genuine peace in the country, especially, South East, so that people do not live in fear.

Speaking particularly about the insecurity in the South East, YOWICAN frowned at the kidnappings going on in various parts of the country especially the kidnapping of the Prelate of the Methodist Church,  Dr. Kalu Uche.

The association while frowning at misrule in the country equally condemned lack of interest in the Education system that University education is at present suffering outright neglect by the Federal Government and therefore called on Nigerians to get their PVC to vote out bad government.

The association therefore called for the “restoration of genuine peace and normalcy in South East Nigeria that is based on justice, equity, fairness, love, mutual understanding respect; and to check the deteriorating security situation in the zone, address mass unemployment which undoubtedly contribute to increase in insecurity, need for free, fair credible and transparent election in 2023.

“You may recall that the Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria, His Eminence, Most Reverend Samuel Kanu-Uche was recently abducted at Ihube on Okigwe-Isuochi road, and a whooping sum of ₦100m paid as ransom to secure his release. 

“It is also pertinent from the testimony of the Prelate that, majority of those who abducted him were foreigners. This incident, the recent Owo- Ondo attack, attacks in Churches in Kaduna, Benue and and others are clear indications that the entire nation is no more safe. 

“It also points to the fact that the zone has been infiltrated by terrorist elements. Insecurity situation is gradually crippling businesses in the South East region and if we keep quiet we will be over run by criminal violence,” they lament.

They condemned the sorry state of education in Nigeria saying that, “educational system is decaying on a daily basis. Lecturers and other university workers are paid peanuts and even the peanut is rarely paid. Stupendous looting of public treasury and demonic acquisition of wealth meant for public good by those at the corridors of power, has become the bane.

“Our finest of brains are migrating to other nations in search of better working environment. Those who do not have the privilege of migrating abroad are roaming the streets or underemployed. Our political leaders have their children studying in big and beautiful universities abroad, while at home the common man has no facilities to study.

“Our health institution is dying with no equipment to meet up ordinary health issues of the common man, while our political class embarks on luxurious health pilgrimages abroad,” he said.


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