One of the best decisions a Nigerian can make is to find a job in a good state. Nowadays, security, ethnicity, cultural disposition and availability of industries affect the jobs that Nigerians opt for.

Nobody in Nigeria is in a position to predict the future of the job market in different states. Most states in Nigeria have better-growing economies than others. There are states that are best for looking for employment, be it white-collar or blue-collar jobs. That is why we took the pleasure of putting together this article of the 10 best states to find jobs in Nigeria. Without further ado, let us dive in.

1. Lagos State

Lagos is one of the world’s five largest cities. Lagos, which was the former capital of Nigeria has so many industries where Nigerian graduates and other prospective employees of labour can be absorbed. The large population in Lagos suggests that there is an active market for brands and industries that offer different products and services. From Real Estate to Raw Materials Industries, and even Fintech companies, Lagos houses the brightest minds in the Nigerian business sphere. This is why the best recommendation for a Nigerian youth seeking blue-collar or white-collar employment should be to start their job search from Lagos.

2. Abuja

Abuja also referred to as the “federal capital territory, ” houses lots of Ministries and MDAs. This part of Nigeria is home to the Headquarters of top brands in Nigeria. As a Nigerian graduate looking for a federal or private job, Abuja is a search-worthy locale in Nigeria. The major mantra of Abuja is its safety courtesy of it being the residence of the Nigerian president. So many brands to date, are drawn towards the Nigerian capital to set up their businesses. Due to the high societal standards in Abuja, getting a job there can prove to be difficult. All the same, job-seeking in Abuja across all of its working sectors is worth it.

3. Kano State

Just behind Lagos, Kano is the second most populated state in Nigeria. Wherever you find a high population, there are chances of meeting a booming economy. Economies across different states in Nigeria thrive due to the symbiotic relationship between businessmen and the State Government. It is important to note that Kano State is one of the non-oil states in Nigeria that has a booming economy.

Second, only to Abuja, Kano State is the best place for an unemployed Nigerian to look for jobs. If you graduated with an engineering-related degree, your chances of getting a job in Kano State are high. This is because the booming economy of Kano State revolves around; agriculture, mining, and manufacturing. The Fintech sector of Kano State is also thriving. A high population means that there will be a need for individuals, banks and the state government to maintain cash flow at different levels. A graduate with a finance-related degree can easily land a job in Kano State.

4. Rivers State

Another interesting state in our listicle, which is a good option to find jobs in Rivers. Unlike Abuja and Kano, their economy is driven by oil and fishery. If you are a graduate with an engineering degree that is related to the Oil and gas industry, this is the go-to state for job opportunities. The Education sector in Rivers State is also a gold mine. Having an education-related degree can also increase one’s chances of landing a job in this riverine state.

Another interesting perk of job seeking in Rivers State is that it is a major trading hub in Nigeria. Port Harcourt in Rivers State has luxurious layouts that give the State and private Real Estate investors huge turnover in profit. Getting a job in related sectors is a no-brainer in Rivers.

5. Ogun State

This State mainly favours blue-collar job seekers. If you are not an industrialist, your chances of landing a job in Ogun State are very low. This state in Nigerian state is known for producing raw materials used by Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. Some of such materials produced include; limestone, clay, and phosphate. The major export of this state is raw materials. A degree in an engineering job is a good way to start.

This Yoruba state has other working state-owned and private sectors that are economically vibrant such as the Fintech sector, Transport, Healthcare and Sports.

6. Edo State

First off, not all parts of Edo State give Nigerian youths high chances of employment. Getting a job in Edo State’s private sector is relatively hard. The major private sector that is doing well, and might be the only one, is the banking sector. Other small-scale fintech companies, such as Microfinance banks, Loan Sharks and POS services, are enjoying a boom. Edo state houses Benin City, which is the number one export of rubber in Nigeria. Getting a blue-collar job in Edo State is easier than getting a white-collar job. To stand out from other job seekers you need to have an engineering degree or Master that is related to what the state exports nationwide (rubber).

7. Oyo State

This listicle will not be complete without including Oyo State. The whole of Oyo state is not enjoying any form of economic boom. However, there is a part of it that is doing so: Ibadan. Ibadan which is the capital of Oyo state is a major trade centre in Nigeria. Ibadan in Oyo State is home to lots of Pharmaceutical companies, Foods and Beverage companies, Agricultural Companies and even big- name Fintech companies in Nigeria.

Just like Kano state, Oyo is a non-oil state that has Ibadan city championing the state’s economy. Any Nigerian with a degree from a proffesional course can land a job with ease in Oyo State (Ibadan).

8. Enugu State

Enugu State economy is bent around handicrafts, Civil Service jobs, Fintech sector, and Education sector. A Social worker can easily land a job in Enugu. Agriculture is an interesting sector which the balance of the states economy hangs on. A graduate of an Agriculture related job can easily land a job in Enugu. Also worth noting is that Nigerians with degrees related to Engineering can also fair well in their job search. Industrially, Enugu exports fine clay, marbel, and silica sand used in making glass nation wide.

9. Akwa Ibom

Akwa Ibom is an oil producing state in Nigeria. The economic stabilty of Akwa Ibom depends on oil production. The coastal dweller in Akwa Ibom depend on oil and farming. While the riverine dwellers depend on fishery. There companies in Akwa Ibom that have taken fishery and farming to another level. If you are a graduate in any of the related sectors, you can fancy your chances of getting a job. The two cities that act as economic pillars for Akwa Ibom include; Eket and Uyo.

10. Sokoto State

The last best state to find jobs in Nigeria according to our authoritative listicle is Sokoto State. This state in Nigeria has large land mass. Livestock farming and other farms of Agriculture is what acts as a boost to the economy of this Northern State. To be able to get a job easily. Whether blue collar or white collar, you need to be in job industry related to agriculture, and also have the necesssary skills and knowledge to be employable.

A graduate of Agricultural Extension, Soil Science, Human Resource Management, Mechanical Engineering, and so on, can easily get a job in Sokoto.

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It is one thing to know a state in Nigeria where you can find jobs, it is another thing to be employable. With the aid of our authoritative list, you have seen the best states where you can start your job search. Good luck in your endeavors!

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