By Anayo Royce

There are always two sides to every story, and it is generally wise, safe, and charitable, to listen to both before committing to one.

There are two players on each side. The first is light, whereas the second is dark. One must beware of the half-truth. You may have gotten hold of the wrong half.

After taking time to read the both sides of the story and also with the new development about the real age of the supposed donor, Mr Ukpo Nwamini David, the truth is emerging.

The former Deputy Senate President, Sen Ike Ekwerenmadu was arrested alongside his wife by the Metropolitan police in the UK for alleged organ harvesting offence.

And since the news broke out, most Nigerians have condemned the alleged action of Ekweremadu following the confession of David that he wasn’t aware he was brought to the UK for kidney transplant.

The boy whose organ was going to stand as a kidney donor said he is only 15 year old which contradicted the 21 years which Ekweremadu had claimed while processing the visa, adding that he was not aware of the intention of the senator.
There is, however, a new twist in the alleged child organ harvesting case. According to information on the passport data page of Ukpo, he was born on October 12, 2000.

Also, a check on the Bank Verification Number (BVN) portal also showed Ukpo’s date of birth as October 12, 2000.

Reports also disclosed that Ukpo Nwamini David kidney didn’t match with that of Ms Sonia Ekweremadu and instead of returning to Nigeria, he wanted to seek sympathy from the UK government in order to get asylum not minding the damage it cost for the former Deputy Senate President.

Ekweremadu notified the UK government of a request to facilitate a visa for a boy who was coming as a kidney donor for his daughter.

Part of the visa medical application read: “I am writing in support of the visa application made by Mr Ukpo Nwamini David who is currently having medical investigations for a kidney donation to Ms Sonia Ekweremadu.

“David and Sonia will be at the Royal Free Hospital London, and I will be providing the necessary funding. I have enclosed a statement of the bank account.”

Without any iota of doubt, David Ukpo Nwamini is above 20. And shortly after the news of Ekweremadu’s arrest, he immediately went to share new pictures Facebook page to upload pictures with caption “Grace sweet, Let’s keep hustling”.

David Ukpo Nwamini decided to play a fast one not minding the trauma he would subject the family of Ekweremadu to just because of greener pasture.

Unfortunately, the story has turned around, Nigerians and the world are being fed the wrong angle.

Findings, however, revealed that the said Ekweremadu’s daughter recently passed out from her NYSC where she served in Abuja early this year and has been in the UK since February this year. She travelled with the young man in question.

His Bank Verification Number popularly known as BVN has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the stories by supposed donor were fabricated just to gain a better living in the UK.

The young man is 21 years of age and not a 15 years. He is related to the Ekweremadus through Ekweremadu’s wife.

He is not a vagrant picked from the streets of Lagos. The young man’s kidney didn’t match Ekweremadu daughter’s and couldn’t be a donor. He has been in the UK on Ekweremadu’s account since February this year.

All the drama didn’t come up since February that he has been in the UK until he was notified by the Ekweremadus that he will have to travel back to Nigeria since the transplant couldn’t go ahead.

The young man obviously didn’t want to return to Nigeria, believing the circumstances could support his application for asylum in the UK.
He went to the police to make the claim that he was 15 years (a child/minor) and was misled into accepting to be a donor.

His claim is being given the benefit of the doubt by the UK authorities but the Ekweremadus have been scandalized, humiliated and reduced to felons by the young man’s quest to remain in the UK.

The investigations will definitely cover the Nigerian angle of events and the facts will be clear for all to see as events unfold.

Some prominent Nigerians who have followed the event including a leading presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, have been praying for the Ekweremadus. Hopefully, the Ekweremadus will come out of it because the truth is not hidden.

The Nigerian government is yet to release any official statement on the scandal probably, because Ekweremadu is not a member of the ruling party ,APC.

Despite owning Diplomatic Passport, Ekweremadu has been denied bail. Diplomatic immunity is a principle of international law that provides foreign diplomats with a degree of protection from criminal or civil prosecution under the laws of the countries hosting them.

Prince Anayo Royce writes from Lagos

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