June 24, 2022

The Listening School Awards Heirs Insurance Limited as a Leader in High Performance Culture

The Listening School Awards Heirs Insurance Limited as a Leader in High Performance Culture

MD/CEO Heirs Life – Dr Adaobi Nwakuche (left) Founder and CEO of The Listening School – Mrs Ebele Chukwujama (right)


The 4-day exclusive training on Listening Intelligence for Leaders and Teams ( LIFT) positioned the leadership of Heirs Insurance for Success as listening intelligence is an important and essential skill required for leadership and is relevant for today’s workforce and engagement. The Chief Executive Officer of the Listening School, Mrs Ebele Chukwujama noticed that listening being the other half of communication created the school to bridge the gaps and facilitate Listening Intelligence for Leaders and teams in other to bring awareness to the cognitive process of listening, combining cognitive diversity to elevate team performance to a transformational level.

Speaking at the week-long training for leaders and teams, Heirs Insurance’s Chief Executive officer Dr. Adaobi Nwakuche said “many disagreements and issues in industries today are the consequences of poor listening skills and habits. The Insurance Company is recognized as a high-performance culture organization for its deliberate approach to adopting listening intelligence as an integral part of its culture and behaviors.

The Listening School being the facilitator of the leadership development course “Listening Intelligence for leaders and teams” presented the award to the participants after the modular capacity-building programme. The training outcomes support enhancing leadership capabilities by articulating and demonstrating Listening Skills and aligning employees’ behavior and mindset through listening intelligence.

Mrs Ebele Chukwujama the founder of The Listening School describes listening as a “Leadership Strategy”. It is not merely a receptive function but a strategy, she added. The Listening School is pioneering the research, use, and assessment of Listening Intelligence as a powerful driver of business goals in Africa’.