Chioma Nwaorie has risen from the ashes of her past to create a Real estate marketing company where she sells both local & international properties to prospects.

Combining her experience while working with the British company in Dubai, the licensed  realtor has created a brand where investors get quality advice and assistance through out the process of purchasing of a property.

Chioma Nwaorie who is also the CEO & founder of My Nigerian Cuisine, has expanded to Real estate.

According to Chioma Nworie, she first got into real estate in 2013 when she worked for a British developer developer based in Dubai.

Her venture into real estate is as a result of her passion for selling luxury properties. She said “ I got back into real estate business towards the end of last year October precisely, even though I was still into my restaurant.

“In September after my dad visited me I was contacted by a company in Dubai to do telemarketing for them. I was paid $400 plus other benefits like call cards etc and a week after I delivered the project I was contacted again by the same company to do another telemarketing project for their up coming event.

“After delivering, that was when I started thinking that I could offer this services to companies in Nigeria and by October I have drafted out how I will go about it.

“I got companies to pay me to market their projects with focus on Real estate developers.

“I got few companies to sign up within the first month and by November I was invited by a client from Mali who is building a big city in Cape Verde island to come for an event.

“One thing was for sure Selling food was was what gave me the purpose to get back into real estate.

“Here is what I mean, my restaurant business was going so well I paid for a space In Gwarinpa which I was supposed to construct my restaurant. The management kept delaying the handover and by September my rent was due in my current location I had to relocate to my home while waiting to start my restaurant in gwarinpa. During this time that was when my dad visited and after our talks he pointed out in Nigeria it is always good to have multiple source of income.

“That while waiting for my space in gwarinpa I can start something on the side, and it was during this time I was contacted for the telemarketing gig.  I saw how much I made in one week from the comfort of my home and that is how my side hustle became my main hustle.

“Some time in February the management of the park in gwarinpa contacted me to ask for more money before I can take possession of the space and I simply declined and asked for a refund. So imagine I was waiting for them? Lol

“In life always be open to new things, take risk never be scared of loosing.


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