Source: Hashem Al-Ghaili

A conceptual aircraft, ‘Sky Cruise’ designed by science communicator and video producer Hashem Al-Ghaili has set the tone for a conversation on the future of flight.

As seen in Al-Ghaili’s video which visualises the nuclear-powered sky hotel, the aircraft is designed to house over 5,000 guests including crew.

Other fascinating features of Sky Cruise include magnificent restaurants, a panoramic hall boasting a 360-degree view, expansive shopping mall, gyms, theatres, pools, wellness and medical services, and event spaces.

Al-Ghaili argues that the aircraft is the ‘future of transport’ as it can also attend to the challenge of turbulence – the aircraft’s command deck uses artificial intelligence to predict air turbulence minutes before it happens.

When detected, the systems automatically prevent any vibrations from happening by creating anti-vibrations that work similarly to noise-cancelling technology and allow the Sky Cruise to travel over the vibrations in the turbulent area.

“I was searching for a 3D model that features a futuristic design of an airplane, and came across this 3D model by Alexander Tujicov. It’s based on an earlier design created several years ago by Tony Holmsten. I bought the 3D model and decided to animate it. I wrote the script and edited the video to showcase what it could look like in real life.” Says Al-Ghaili on what inspired the project.


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