June 10, 2022

SheCan Nigeria set to impart over 3000 women, girls and men in 2022 edition

By Funmi Ajumobi

SheCan Nigeria, a non-governmental organization, which has been working assiduously in the last four years to change women and girls’ mindset of shying away from opportunity especially in a male dominated industry, had on Tuesday announced its 2022 Conference coming up on June 24 at the Harbor Point, Victoria Island with hashtag sheCan DoMore 4.0 as a Whole Woman’.

Briefing the press on Tuesday at the Vento Furniture showroom, Ikoyi, the founder of the initiative, Ezinne Ezeani said the organization believes women and young girls should be able to ‘Be More’ in every facet of life irrespective of their background, gender, religion and their limitations, to be able to give their best to the society, saying that career know no gender.

“We are not a gender based organization, but we believe in equity and fairness. If a man is the best, give it to him and if a woman is the best, give it to her. We are changing the narrative by actively engaging participants at this year’s conference in the power of not just Doing More, but doing the Right More. We are known for excellence as an organization and we are going overboard this year to create impact in our little way to make the world a better place”. She added.

Appreciating the partners who have stuck with them over the years and able to do much more as an organization, she announced that participants will be engaged in a lot of inspiring opportunities, in the areas of Career, networking, mentoring, empowerment and lots more.
Putting her weight behind SheCan Nigeria, Mrs Funlayo Falola, Head, Marketing communications and Investor Relations at WEMA Bank said The Gross Domestic Product, GDP, of the country can become better if there is a structure in place that will allow more women to do much more, adding that if women are allowed to do more and bring a lot back home to ease the pressure on the man’s side, it will also help the economy.

The conference is not just bigger as her financial institution, WEMA Bank has launched women prepositions called SARA for women who want to do more. She encouraged participants to be ready to see how much more of greatness they can become, how much more of beauty, how much more of awesomeness, how much more women can do financially, emotionally, socially and politically.

Edim Junadia, Group CEO, Middlechase Property Limited and a co-sponsor for the conference said her company is partnering SheCan Nigeria to spread the good news that women and girls can own assets without breaking their sweat.

Junadia said she was excited to be part of the team and promised that her company would be able to do a lot more in the conference. She advised women to step out to be at the forefront in whatever they do. “We do more, own more houses and could be more in positive terms. We are changing the narrative”.

TECHNO –Vincent Uzuegbo, PR Communications and Media manager at Techno Brand also put his weight in support of SheCan Nigeria to reach out to more women to come into the field of STEM which he said has been predominantly seen as a space for men. “We believe in the power of woman and with our support, we can make more women to do more and become more whole because they are great managers known as amplifiers in whatever is giving to them” Uzuegbo added.

Thanking SheCan Nigeria for the opportunity to host SheCan Press briefing, Moaz Elhadad, the General Manager of VENTO Furniture and a Principal partner in the conference said his company believes in the importance of women’s role in the society as the core of the society and as a company, they are happy to be part of this beauty.

Stanley Ezeani, Managing Director, MBR Signature and Co-founder of SheCan Nigeria said the organization is not about showing and talking to the media but about changing quality of lives, seeing lives transformed and seeing women and young girls doing more than they could ever imagined they could be.

On whether it was only women that would be allowed to register and attend the conference, Stanley opined that everyone; women, youths, men, who understand there is a need to do more regardless of gender can attend. “We are all human before we either define as man or woman. An opportunity will not come at you asking questions whether you are a man or woman, it will come at you regardless of your gender”.

Stanley said the event is free and now opened for registration at

Speakers to look out for at the conference are industry leaders such as Ibukun Awosika, Catalyst Lanre Olusola, Rev Funke Felix Adejumo, Tara Fela-Durotoye, Oyeyimika Adeboye (MD Cadbury), Belinda Ikazoboh, Junadia Danso-Edim, Olusegun Adeniyi, Ezinne Ezeani just to mention a few.

Some of the sponsors prepared to make the conference a big success are Wema bank, Middlechase Property Ltd, Vento Furniture, TECHNO Brand, Shell, MBR Signature, TRACE, CWAY, LASAA, just to mention a few.