June 8, 2022

SDP Primary: Female presidential aspirant withdraws, collapses structure for Adebayo

SDP Primary: Female presidential aspirant withdraws, collapses structure for Adebayo

One of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, presidential aspirants, Cesnabmihilo Dorathy Nuhu-Aken’Ovia, has stepped down from the party’s primaries holding today at the Eagles Square.

She has also collapsed her political structure to support one of her colleague-aspirants, Prince Adewole Adebayo.

Cesnabmihilo was one of the few and probably first female aspirant across parties, who first bought her presidential forms. She was, until yesterday, a strong contender to clinch her party ticket as its flag bearer.

At an elaborate press conference yesterday, she said she withdrew from the race when the party decided to zone the presidency to the South and being a loyal party member, she not only withdrew, she said her political structure has collapsed into the Adebayo campaign organisation.

According to her, “the party comes first. I am a party woman, a loyal and obedient one at that. I go by what my party says. And it is my responsibility and every other member to ensure that the party triumph in the coming election.

“I decided to support him and the party by giving and submitting my political structure to his organisation in order to have a good showing at the polls.”

Prince Adewole Adebayo, another aspirant within the party praised his colleague’s action, adding that her exemplary action should be emulated.

He said people like her should be encouraged to offer themselves for service of their country.

“I have learned a lot from her and have seen that Nigeria is blessed with talents. I consider myself as a person who is after leadership and I was immediately self-indicting that how come I didn’t know her before now?

“When I saw the demographic following Cesnabmihilo Dorathy Nuhu-Aken’Ovia, her mastery of issues, I thought to myself I have a fresh voice contender to contend with.

“And she made me to be more serious, to be more detailed and to go down the grassroots, because while we were doing press conferences and so many other practical things, she was penetrating the communities. I appreciate this important gesture of hers. I salute her courage and it should be emulated.”