Theological education’s critical roles in raising capable leaders By Emmanuel Oyemomi  Going back the memory lane, as far as Nigeria isconcerned, I don’t think we have a solid plan. What we have has been a legacy andthe impact of theological education has brought into the nation. Some greatinstitutions that are renowned for this – Harvard, Oxford, etc. have become thecream of the whole world. History made us know they started as seminaries butthese institutions later metamorphosed into other areas of education. JC Pool, the first Principal of the NigerianBaptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomosho was offered a license for a chartedUniversity by the then President, Dr Azikiwe which was rejected.   The same Seminary later became the firstdegree awarding institution in Nigeria. As far as this nation and Africa are concerned,writing and education are not our heritage. Treasures not documented andwhatever education is in Nigeria is heritage and an aftermath of TheologicalEducation in Nigeria. All the schools government took over started as missionschools and government was not maintaining the legacy of the mission schools. Whenyou talk of academic integrity and soundness, we find them among the missionschools across the country. They are still functional and focused in providingsound education. Government keyed into education and made it apolitical matter to fight religion. This is through legislation against the schools.History was also doctored out of the curriculum. Several subjects have been removedas well. The nation has lost its bearing in terms ofeducation with consistent strikes by ASUU which affect the future of thestudents.   We are yet to get our bearingin education. Late Chieg Obafemi Awolowo ensured education became a natural priorityto benefit the citizens but the reverse is the case today. It is worrisome thatwe have no value for education as the state of the nation’s educational systemis lamentable. Impact  The impact of theological education is multifaceted, as Theological Education gave birthto several churches. It also gave birth to the proliferation of schools. These arethe immediate impact but in the 1950’s, primary school in those days werevirtually free education. If children were very intelligent, themissionaries gave scholarships to children. As a nation, we have no value foreducation. The people who had primary education to standard 6 in those days canbe compared with a graduate today.   Themissionaries hired such standard 6 graduates and so many lives have beenuplifted. Missionaries hired them for several jobs in public sectororganizations. Help  Theological Education must be given a space toshape leaders. We need to watch the track records of our leaders. Our leaderseven boast that our votes mean nothing to them. We have a crop of leaders who have notrack records and all they do is to manipulate. Theological education has been ostracized. In thelast few years, Theological Education has been waged war against.   It is a threat/war against the source of Peacewhich is GOD. Theological Education can have a great impact on ourleaders which is a study about GOD. It is education that gives a transformationto be godly. In   Theological Education,you are taught how you must have concern for fellow human beings, whenutilized, the impact is huge. Theological Education indicates that God isindivisible, most people with sound theological education act right. Theological education can train people who will useand lead the people. Theological education has produced leaders for the countrywho are functioning in various places. Theological education has helped peopleto be versatile but they are being massacred due to selfishness, nepotism andtribalism in the country. God authenticates Theological education as we willall return to God. - [ ] •Oyemomi, a professor, is Rector, Baptist College of Theology, Lagos.

•Says it’s an insult to call him on phone

By Peter Duru

Makurdi — Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has urged the national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to visit and beg Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State over perceived injustice meted out to him on the choice of the Vice Presidential candidate of the party.

The Governor, who gave the advice during an interview with Arise TV yesterday morning monitored in Makurdi, was reacting to claims by PDP members the Rivers Governor was snubbing calls from top members of the party who were trying to wade into the matter.

Governor Ortom said: “Why should they call Wike, why don’t you go to him. You frustrated him, Wike is a pillar of this party (PDP). When you are annoyed why would you answer? People ran away from this party (PDP) but Wike was on ground. He was the one who called me back to the PDP. Injustice was done to me in 2015, it was Wike that came here and convinced me to come back to the PDP.

“I came to PDP and we have been working and you did injustice to him and you think he would keep quiet. It is not fair. I believe in equity, fairness and justice, when you do that to others that is wrong, it is not correct. It is not enough to say that you put a call to him. It is an insult to put a call to him. The party’s leadership at the national level should go to Wike and appeal to him.

“Wike is a pillar of this party and everybody knows. Wike came second to Atiku, so Atiku should go to him. But it is unfair to say that you just put a call to Wike. I have no problem with Okowa, Okowa is my friend but Wike should have been consulted, he should have been spoken to, so that we can work closely. Everybody must not be in position, we cannot all be there but the truth is that Wike should have been consulted in the first place even before the announcement was made.

“Like I said 14 persons said Wike should be vice, if that was not going to work he would have been told, that please we can’t do this. Politics is a game of compromise, we discuss.

But it is wrong for anybody, and I stand to be contradicted, I don’t blame Wike, they are to be blamed. Those people who are in leadership should be blamed. They would have allowed an opportunity for Wike to also have first hand information because this is a man, tell me one person in PDP today that has built this party to where it is today. You come and just dismiss him with a wave of the hand, it is not right.”

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