.Christopher Odia

Many Nigerians have expressed dissatisfaction, grief and anger over the spate of gruesome murders of clergymen, killing in the worshippers in Churches and daily kidnappings in the country.

Vanguard spoke to some Nigerians to get their views on the recently killing in Owo and especially the recent killing of Reverend Father Christopher Odia in Edo state.

“It’s time for all of us to put an end to this with our PVCs and vote in leaders that care about our lives and safety. The present administration has failed in area of security. With all that is happening, Christians are scared of going to church for fear of the unknown in a country that we call our own. It’s high time we did the right thing and I hope in 2023, we will come out and do the right thing. —Josephine Ambrose, Political analyst

“If these terrorist attacks continue with the government not doing anything to put a stop to it, then we should be ready for a religious war. I am predicting a religious war if this evil deeds of killing Christians and kidnapping clergymen does not stop.—Uche Malagu, Fashion designer

“My question is; why attack churches and kidnap Christian clergymen? Yet, they say it’s one Nigeria! Churches and pastors should be wise and know that this govt. doesn’t care about them. Look at the killing of Deborah; nothing has been done, why? Because she is a Christian! Let us wise up and be vigilant because the attack is now clear and open; Christians are the target presently. —Mabel Ify, Teacher

“They are pushing Christians to the wall and it gets to a point you will push a person, he/she is bound to react. Government and the security agencies should do their best to put an end to this atrocity before the Christians take matters into their hands. —Helen Obuseh, Trader

“The recent killing at Owo in Ondo State and kidnap of the Methodist Prelate, shows that there is no safe place in Nigeria and I pray we do not get to a point when we will be carrying weapons just to protect ourselves. Security, not only in our place of worship but also in our day-to-day life, should be taken as number one priority by our leaders.

—Emmanuel Sampor, Student

The situation is not good for Nigeria and it will be shocking to note how many churches have been attacked and how many of our pastors have been kidnapped. It doesn’t speak well of a country like Nigeria and the government needs to do all they can to help us mainly Christians because we are the one majorly attacked.

Barbara Sophia, Hairstylist

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