It’s a common knowledge that anything of value will certainly come with a price.

Olufemi Ajadi, a chieftain of the NNPP alongside his security details, media team and other essential staff on his campaign entourage, can tell the story better.

They are either in the air, flying to or fro Abuja, or on the road racing to keep appointments with opinion leaders, party officials, traditional rulers, market women and other places of importance.

In all these visits, his message remains largely centred on the needed emergence of a New Nigeria using the power of the ballot.

Ajadi anchors it on the youths first and foremost, then women, whom he believes together, could become the game changers.

His story had been told before now, of how, many years ago, and just following divine direction, he dreamt and formed All Youths Reoriented Initiative to midwife his idea of a New Nigeria.

New Nigeria of his dreams could be summarised with our dear country, Nigeria with all its huge potentials emerging from its old ways of doing things to a new Nigeria driven on the paths of equality and justice.

It is about youths being encouraged to be part of governance and allowed to contribute their quota to the development of the country.
It is not a surprise that since Ajadi stumbled on the party – New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), he had not looked back in following up and backing all its activities in every way possible.

All is in the bid to fulfil the role that God has given him, using the platform of the NNPP.

He had never hidden nor shirked from asserting that God indeed told him that he would do this on the highest levels of responsibility – the presidency.

Yet, being a loyal party man, he had decided to align himself for now, on how that divine mandate could best be realized.

HE had been in the forefront of convincing the generality of Nigerian youths, women and others who are either young in heart or desire a better Nigeria to join him in the NNPP.

He urges all to play their parts towards a total NNPP victory in the forthcoming general elections.

This has been like a crusade on Ajadi’s shoulders and he had never got tired going ahead with it.

In fact, within the week, the assignment saw him traversing five states in two days.

It is all in his desire to see quality leadership and accountable representation, manifest in the country, using the only party which he believes could make that possible – the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP).

Recall that before now, the Olufemi Ajadi political campaign team had had visited notable individuals, including traditional rulers, past and present political office holders preaching the gospel of a new Nigeria and mobilizing support for the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP).

For example, it had visited former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, elder statesman and leading Yoruba leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, NNPP presidential flagbearer, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the Oni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi; (Ọjájá II); and Chief Gani Adams, Aare-Ona-Kakanfo of Yoruba land, amongst several others.

Not only did he go to pay necessary homage to these important Nigerians at different times of his visit, he also shared with his hosts, the subject matters of his political ambition, and other related matters.

The warm reception that attended each of those visits, and impressive turnout of admirers are things that are better seen than told.

The full details of his shuttle diplomacy is not however, the subject of this write-up, but would be given adequate coverage in subsequent accounts.

Suffice to add also that these are aside visits to and appearances in live programmes at different broadcasting stations in both Lagos and Ogun within the recent.

The point however is that the latest voyages saw Ajadi visiting Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Osun and Ekiti states, armed with the same message: “Let us join hands and build the new Nigeria of our dreams, using the platform of the New Nigeria People’s Party.

The Ogun outskirt of Ibafo being his business base, the entourage arrived to the embrace of a waiting army of employees helping in keeping the factory lines of Bullion Go-Neat Global Ltd, Ajadi’s company running while ‘Oga’ embarked on his political campaign shuttles; community and youth leaders in need of one thing or another, down to political associates there for quick consultation.

While these lasted, the convoy of three vehicles was already humming its engines with occasional blare of the signature sirens in readying the people. In one were selected members of the party leadership representing Owode constituency, whose presence were importantly needed at the meetings in Abeokuta, Osun and Ekiti for example.

To be exact, in the recent, NNPP had experienced a tremendous reinvigoration in the Southwest axis especially Ogun in the recent, where Comrade Ajadi has given tremendous support to the party’s electioneering operations.

Though the value of the supports was not made known, our correspondent learnt that it was substantial such that party members and supporters were excited.

The donations were to the Ekiti and Osun chapters of the NNPP and Ajadi said it a further proof of his commitment towards ensuring total victory for the party at the 2023 general elections.

“I believe this is our time in the NNPP to make our mark in our country by clearing the polls.
“I am joining our presidential candidate, Sen Musa Kwankwaso to urge all parry members to remain committed to our course of clinching victory across board in the elections.”, he admonished the members of the party.

In fact, within last week, the South-West zone of the NNPP had to urge the presidential candidate of the party, Sen Rabiu Kwankwaso to pick his running mate for 2023 elections from the zone, with many looking in the direction of Olufemi Ajadi, as the ultimate choice
The South-West zone made the appeal on Tuesday, yesterday during a press conference addressed by its Chairman, Dada Olayinka.

Olayinka who said he spoke on behalf of the six zonal chairmen of the party, said doing so was in the best interest of the party and the presidential candidate.

He said the zone was ready to mobilise massive support for the party, and towards Kwankwaso’s success during the polls.

In his words:“Making a choice or a running mate with antecedents as it is, requires wisdom, honesty and sagacity.

“We shall be grateful if the southwest region is given due consideration in this regard”.

Recall also, that aside the financial and moral commitments by Ajadi, he had before now, visited Kwankwaso in Abuja where he broke the idea of his working with Kwankwaso.

In fact, Ajadi was to reiterate this desire, in the course of the latest visits covering four cities within the region.

Earlier at Ekiti on June 12, Ajadi had urged the political leaders in the Southwest to bury their political differences and maintain the unity of purpose for the progress of the country.

This he said, while discussing with the Deputy Governor of Oyo state, Rauf Olaniyan, Both had met coincidentally at the passenger boarding end of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja.

Present at the interaction was the NNPP Osun State Party chairman, Dr. Odeyemi Oluwatosin, with him sharing ideas on how the insecurity and economic problems of the country could be solved
“We should not allow our political differences to stop our intentions in making the country great,” he said.

The simplest way to say it is that Ajadi had been a sensation in the recent, since he embraced the nation’s political limelight, with his reiteration that he had a God-given instruction to govern the country.

Truly like a man under divine order, who is likely to face severe sanctions, should he fail to carry out the order, he had not looked back.

It had involved making huge financial and other material expenses, sometimes, to the chagrin of his aides, but he had not looked back.

This may not be surprising for a man who says he has a God-given mandate to lead in the country, at the highest positions possible.
Since sharing the vision, he had been doing everything necessary to prove that he is not joking.

He had gone down to work, consulting with the persons and visiting the dignitaries that matter.

If his regular shuttles to Abuja are not convincing, the latest visits to the Southwest are strong indicators.
Just back from the Southwest trip, and when many of those in the entourage, were cooling their heels at home, Ajadi had jetted out to Abuja.

He told our reporter who tried finding out why, that it was to conclude on the discussions, some of which were initiated in the course of the four-state visit under two days.


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