June 21, 2022

Nigeria set to make gospel music history as 5th Dimension raises 1,000 singers

gospel music


By Chioma Obinna

 Nigeria is set to make musical history in christian gospel music, as a group of young artists have teamed up to raise a 1,000-member choir to promote Christ and contribute to the nation’s economy.

The enlistment for the project put together by 5th Dimension Entertainment began with the maiden edition of the Gospel Music Auditions in Lagos weekend.

Speaking during the audition, President of the 5th Dimension Entertainment, Mr. Prince Iheanyi, who gave details about the project, said they want to change the narrative of the entertainment space in the world, which is mostly populated with music laced with illicit lyrics resulting to widespread indecency and moral decadence, especially among young people. 

“We want to change this narrative by using gospel music as the tool.

“In the western world, entertainment is a big business and it brings in love like countries like Jamaica, UK and the rest of them. In Nigeria, we know what the entertainment industry is like especially circular broad and is a money-generating business. Most of the people who do entertaining business in the circular world are also Christians but they don’t pass the message of Christ; they just pass may be illicit, drugs, sex or whatever.

“In the gospel, we have the message if Christians will come together and get it right which we are trying to do you will find out that even in our sphere of Christianity there is a lot of revenue that can come in from it because (a) we have people who have talent out there and better than people who are into circular music and if the people into circular music are doing it right and bringing revenue for the economy and I believe Christian music can also do that. “

He explained that the audition would enable them to select talented gospel singers who shall minister the gospel through songs in an unprecedented manner never before seen or experienced in the world.

Ihenayi said the audition is the forerunner to bigger events that would be the first of its kind globally.

He said the project is 5th Dimension Entertainment’s way of contributing to making the world saner through gospel music.

Speaking, one of the Juries at the audition who is also a gospel musician, Mr Mike Abdul, explained that the audition was a platform to give a voice and place to upcoming artists in Nigeria,

Stating that the platform will also serve as a platform to mentor young artists, he urged young artists to grow beyond talents and use their music as a weapon to create positive values in the country.

Abdul advised young Nigerian artists to infuse knowledge with their talents and not be discouraged.

“We need to step into their culture, influence and make them know they can do better. If we don’t do that, we would be creating chaos,” he said.

He further commended the organisers and called for more such programmes.

He appealed to well-meaning Nigerians to help in sponsoring such initiatives, particularly programmes that support investments in the youths.

On his part, another jury who is also an actor, Mr. Iyke Michael recalled that the movie industry had infused various cultures and harnessed them to promote the country.

He said the choice of gospel music was to celebrate God’s goodness, noting that a large percentage of music, including secular ones, has an undertone of glorifying God.

Speaking on the financial benefits of entertainment, he said apart from providing gainful employment for the youths, there are a lot of financial gains it brings to the country,

“A percentage of the youths have been gainfully employed.  We are coming up with stories to promote our culture and this culture has moved and that is the dream we have for Christian gospel music. One major problem in Nigeria is how to be able to harness the many cultures that we have.”

On his part, another Music Director, Julius Charles described the programme as amazing as it is a platform to nurture young Christian Gospel musicians.