June 16, 2022

More reactions trail Mbaka’s ‘stingy’ comment on Peter Obi as Nigerians call for probe


By Ezra Ukanwa, Abuja.

NIGERIANS have blasted a Catholic priest and Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, over his ‘stingy man’ comment against Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

This is even as Nigerians across Social Media platforms called for his probe, following his comment against Obi.

Nigerians, while describing Mbaka’s action as “senseless”, said on Facebook and micro-blogging site, Twitter, that the cleric called Obi a ‘stingy man'” because he had nothing corruptible against him.

Mbaka made this statement while speaking during one of his programmes in Enugu, where he stated that it would be impossible for Obi to become Nigeria’s 16th president.

He, however, added that “an old man president is better than a stingy young man.”

Mbaka’s words: “A stingy man, that cannot give people his money, with this hunger ravaging the land, and you are saying he is the one you want. You want to die of hunger? Are you people insane? Where is the Holy Spirit?

“It is now that Atiku is seriously contesting for President; now that he is contesting without Peter Obi; it is now that he is serious.

“We want somebody that is serious. Unless Peter comes here to kneel, if he becomes president, he will close down this ministry. What we are doing is spiritual.

“Listen, a good old man is better than a young wicked man; Peter Obi is going nowhere as far as God lives. If Igbos want a representative, it is not someone like Peter Obi.

“I should not have talked but I saw my video going round everywhere as if Fr. Mbaka wholeheartedly came out and apologised.

“No, I didn’t apologise wholeheartedly, it was out of duress. I had to obey my Bishop. In obedience I had to; it is not of my volition. I did it because I am a Catholic priest, my Bishop said, do it, my own is ‘Yes my Lord’.

“I did not say he(Obi) is a bad man; I said he is a stingy man. A hungry man wants someone that is generous; the man has so much money, but he is ‘I, me, myself’. But that money will not be useful to him. I am very happy now that I have spoken out. That apology is a poisonous curse against Peter Obi.

“If he is wise he should have come here after that apology to say he is sorry but he waited. Anybody supporting him is wasting his money, he is going nowhere.”

Reacting to this, Nigerians on Twitter have knocked hard on the cleric, cautioning him to steer clear of politics.

The reaction, however, trailed Facebook where Nigerians registered their emotions following the comments of Mbaka to Obi.

On twitter, Reno Omokri said: “Reverend Father Mbaka don buy market! At least they may leave me and face him!”

Everest added, “Mbaka is wrong. Peter Obi is a prudent man. Does not believe in wasting public funds. He is not a stingy man. What we need now is a prudent individual. We have a terrible spending problem. Printing money like there’s no tomorrow. Inflation is now at 17.1%. Think am.”

DrPenKing said: “My Peter Obi has already been blessed by the Pope, the highest authority in Roman Catholic and you expect me to take Rev Mbaka from Ketu who endorsed Buhari seriously? God forbid.”

Uchendu added: “I was born and brought up in the Roman Catholic church, I have so much respect for Rev fr Mbaka, But as it stands right now, even Pope Francis can’t tell me not to vote for Peter obi talkless of Fr Mbaka, the same man that told us to vote for Buhari.”

Isaac Oladipupo said: “Father Mbaka says Peter Obi won’t be Nigeria’s next President. But then, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

Azu said: “Father Mbaka “placed a curse” on Chimaroke Nnamani the governor of Enugu state. Declaring that “If I be a man of God” Chimaroke Nnamani won’t win a second term in office. Needless to say, Nnamani completed his second term very very well and is presently a senator.”

On Facebook, Kelvin Alaneme said: “Peter Obi is more Christ-like than Fr. Mbaka 100%
Beware of conmen in cassocks! The pride, bambiala attitude and rubbish entitlement stinks.”

Emekowa stated: “Mbaka is brazenly back on his BROWN ENVELOPE PAID mission of Image Defamation of a man who has not done him any known wrong, for the second time!!! Mbaka but Why!!!????”

Emeka said: “Mbaka should be questioned because from the look of things he is gradually becoming a pimp. How can a man of God be this callous.”