By Ediri Ejoh 

Residents of the Ishaga close, Safejo, Amukoko, Ojo road, Ajegunle, Alaba Oro, Amusa and Suru-Alaba, aswell as other Community Development Area of Lagos State have called on the state government to save them from being totally displaced as many of them have abandoned their homes due to severe flooding.

According to the residents, waste from the carnal demarcating Ojo Rd, Ajegunle and Amukoko, safejo, Ishaga close, alaba oro, has not been dugged and abandoned. 

This is against the promise of GOVERNOR  Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, who, assured residents of his administration’s commitment towards ensuring the state remains flood free all year round.

Sanwo-Olu made this known while commissioning the second batch of 19 high capacity drainage clearing and maintenance equipment, aimed at enhancing capacity.

The residents appealed to the Lagos State government to help them clear the carnal which has been unattended to for couple of years, thereby leading to spill of water on the roads, schools and houses. This development of neglect, according to them have made it possible for passers by to walk through the carnal to other Community.

The most affected streets include Safejo, Alaba Oro, Suru Alaba, Ishaga close, Amukoko, Ojo road and Ajegunle.

Affected residents have taken to wearing rain boots when going in and out of their houses to protect themselves.

Speaking to Vanguard,  Mrs. Mistura Akinyemi said they need the help of the government to fix the carnal in the communities.

She lamented: “Flood has taken over our community. We move around in rain boots not to mention some of our appliances and chairs which have been destroyed by the flood these few days. We need the intervention of the government to fix our drainages to save us from the flood.

“Just one rainfall, everywhere in the community has turned to a pool and we cannot move in and out of our houses, what will be our fate when the rain continues intensely as predicted by the Nigerian Meteorological Services (NIMET).”

Rashida, a young bride who lost most of her belongings to the recent downpour, said “the flood has taken away most of the things I have, I am now left with mat which we sleep on. The situation was not so during the former Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, reign as the carnal were cleared once or twice in a year. “

While many families have sought shelter elsewhere to protect themselves, those who cannot afford to leave have fled to elevated places whenever it rains.

One of such people is a woman identified simply as Iya Tawa, who took to sleeping in a toilet with her child.

The toilet, which is built on a higher ground outside the main apartments, has become a safe haven for her and her child. 

“Whenever it rains, the other women and I used to fight for space in the toilet, but most of the women allow me to have the toilet because of my age.

“All the things I moved with into this community have been destroyed. If we go out to work and it starts raining, we begin to worry and panic, because we know that there won’t be a place for us to sleep. It means a night of trouble, cold and mosquitoes. When we return to see our homes flooded, we go to bed hungry as there will be no place to cook.”

Iya Tawa, who said she also cooks and eats in the toilet, added that the community urgently needed government intervention.

Another resident, a Cleric of G.C.E.M, Pst. Sunday, said the flood, coupled with fluids from decomposing materials at the landfill, contaminate boreholes in the area and make the water unsafe for consumption. If you take a look closely you would see water in some churches, schools. Well, you would also see children bailing them off their classes before attending to their classes. It’s unfortunate that the right thing is never done to prevent crisis in the future.

“What will it take to get this done? are we saying these part of the state does not deserve to be looked at or taking care of?. The site is very shameful whenever it rains.

“The last time work was done in this carnal was about four years ago and it was a shallow work because some buildings at the right of way had to bribe their way out to ensure it wasn’t packed at the appropriate areas.The question is, who has bewitched us from doing the right thing.”

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