The fashion industry has always been one to push the limits of creativity and ingenuity. However, as with any industry, fashion has its gatekeepers — people who decide the trends and designers who work to create them.

Ten years ago, magazines were the bible of the fashion world. The gatekeepers were editors and retailers. Today, the landscape has changed. The future of fashion is happening online — on Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms. As Jerusha Couture, an Australian fashion designer and luxury fashion blogger, points out, social media platforms are the perfect tools for new and upcoming fashion designers as they offer an inexpensive way to promote new creations and fashions.

Jerusha began vlogging 11 years ago when these platforms were just emerging as a way to promote her boutique. “At the time, Facebook was really just kind of kicking off and getting into its height, and this was long before Instagram and YouTube had just kicked off as well. Honestly, at the time, nobody was really working out how to develop their brands or, I suppose, market their brand through social media. So, I just picked up a camera and started documenting my life in my boutique.”

People quickly took an interest in her stories, and store, and soon enough, Jerusha’s YouTube channel had hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide. Still, Jerusha points out that those early days were a lot more challenging than today. “The early days were interesting as there was no guide on how to do this or that. You had to figure out most of the things by yourself, but that’s what helped me master my marketing skills. With those skills and knowledge under my belt, staying on top wasn’t so hard.”

However, today’s rising social media stars face one huge challenge that wasn’t there when Jerusha began. With over 37 million YouTube channels out there, it’s become extremely difficult to cut through the noise. For those looking to stand out in a space where everyone seems to want to become a star, Jerusha Couture has a simple piece of advice: be genuine!

“This is something I get asked a lot in interviews: how to start on social media, grow a following, and grow a presence. My honest opinion and my honest answer is, ‘be yourself,” shares Jerusha Couture. “I have a No-BS approach towards the world. I call it how I see it. On top of that, I never changed my drive, love of fashion, and humor toward it, and I could not be any more real even if I tried. I know this makes me relatable because being real on the internet today is so rare. That’s why those who want to cut through the noise need to be genuine. That’s your recipe for success.”

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