June 13, 2022

How African artistes can win more Grammys — Bigmanity Music boss, Woghiren

How African artistes can win more Grammys — Bigmanity Music boss, Woghiren

As African artists continue to find meaning and relevance in the global space, the need for them to find their true calling (niche) and undoubtedly perch or pitch their tent there with all their power and might until the right time and opportunity comes is very imperative

A music maestro and CEO  of Bigmanity Music (The Lemlines), Jesse Adesotu Woghiren, also known as The BB02 gave this advice recently in a statement issued to newsmen, said that Nigerian and African artists have the potential and capacity to win more Grammys and stay relevant in the global music industry if they can indeed stay true to the originals (artists and materials wise) (originality), and continue to support the real deal home team acts. And, more viable collaborations that can compete in global spaces.

The BBO2 boss posited that artists must organize and form more formidable alliances and even with or along structured organizations such as our ions movements to help see to our best interests in every given opportunity, time, and space. Also, we the artist have to support the genuine and true best talents in our community and not mediocre such that we can intelligently (for real) get the attention and all the blessings therein that we deserve.  

BBO2 noted that take for example a few years ago hip hop was the main thing in the American music space, but the artist started sounding alike, and soon enough the audience and fan base started craving for something new and that was when the South bando movement came with a new sound of trap and took over.

Then, a few years later the trap all started sounding alike too and then the fanbase and audience needed something new and fresh and they too turned their heads and tuned their ears and heart to Afrobeat, you get the gist, right?  BBO2 boss said that let’s avoid that same pitfall or similar status quo now by supporting original badass tunes and vibes alone, so we can supernaturally stay up top there and continue to win big and change our western narratives for the best.  

Concurrently, BBO2 pointed out that our songs and or genre popularity and newfound love and acceptance in communities across the USA don’t equal such clamor and presence on the airwaves as it is via community word of mouth and American culture curating center spaces. In the other words, the Afrobeat franchise doesn’t get or receive or enjoy the heavy rotation or airplay quality and quantity that it currently deserves. It boils back down to the greed and the politics of the business.

This is also partly, why we are here, with the ions movements to form a united front with viable industry heads and organization to begin to openly address this and tear down that wall of dirty games and gimmicking that could potentially hamper our growth and successes and more wins in the near future and in that hemispheres or college, BBO2 said.

It is imperative to note that most of our narratives have been told full of lies and deception to either destroy our pride or muddle the line for some selfish bastard gains and otherwise. Let truth, fairness, and justice ring through supreme and guide us all the time.

The fact is that the same intelligence that it takes or requires to write Michael Jackson and Prince songs, such also is what it takes or took to write Bob Marley and Fela and those local traditional artists and movie scripts writers (producer/directors) from or across our African communities.

African artists should advocate for and educate themselves more and know that there’s more with us than against us anywhere, situation, place, and time in this world. Time has a way of doing justice to it all with much patience. Our rich heritage culture has so much more to offer than anywhere else in the world. Who can better tell our stories than we do? NONE! So, let’s go on ahead and tell them proudly and professionally in a manner that will stand the test of time and truth.

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