By James Ogunnaike, Abeokuta

A Nigerian in diaspora and Chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Prince Adekunle Adebayo Ayoola has challenged the country’s leaders to be more patriotic in fixing all challenges confronting Nigeria, as a nation.

Ayoola disclosed that it is getting clearer everyday that time to fix the country is now or else the country would continue to suffer needless shame in the international circle while her citizens would always embrace traveling abroad in search of better life.

Ayoola, made the call while reacting to the arrest and arraignment of former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice, at a United Kingdom Magistrate Court for alleged conspiracy to harvest the kidney of 15- year old boy, Ukpo Nwamini David.

He said, “there is definitely a huge lesson for our leaders in Nigeria to learn from the current travails of Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice. While I sympathize with them for wanting to desperately help their sick daughter, I am however of the strong view, just like many Nigerians, that embarrassing moments like the one the foremost lawmaker and his wife had found themselves would have not existed if joint efforts had been made to fix our dilapidated health infrastructure at home”.

“If our health facilities had been top-notch, our medical personnel are well remunerated, the power supply is good, the roads are smooth, our security is guaranteed, I don’t know what else will want to make someone like Ekweremadu to say his daughter would just have to be flown to the UK to receive best of care when the girl would get so much more in the country”.

“But here we are, the pathetic situation of our health facilities can bring tears to your eyes, our loved ones die every day due to lack of proper medical care. Our leaders should know that what goes round comes round. We are all tied up to the destiny of this nation, if this country rises, we rise with it and if it falls, we do same with it.

“Time is now to fix this country, enough of pretending as if you have escape route. This unfortunate turn of events for the Ekweremadu’s should be a wake up call for all our leaders in the country to begin to make conscious investment in those infrastructure that could support qualitative living in the country.

“Enough of wasteful spending, enough of embezzlement and diversion of public fund, it does no one any good”. Is it not sad that our universities have been shut for over three months now, the students are out there wasting away. No serious nation jokes with the future of her youths and go unpunished. Time to act for the good of all is now”.

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