By Sherifat Lawal

Diabetes like any other diseases has its highs and lows not only on the patients but also on their care-givers.

Care-givers need to get well versed with tips to take care of a diabetic patient in order to mitigate life-threatening risks especially if they are nursing at home.

Below are three tips that can help

Healthy Diet

Eating good food is the key to keeping diabetics under control.

diabetic patient should never skip meals or have an empty stomach.

Meals should be consumed in little portions to avoid the risk of blood glucose levels dropping down.

Foods like yogurt, beef sticks, almonds, veggies etc. are healthy and safe.

On the other hand, processed and fried foods are harmful for those with diabetes.

No Smoking

The Center For Disease Control & Prevention, US witnesses more than 30K deaths of diabetic patients due to smoking every year.

Smoking can further worsen the condition of a diabetic patient.

Pay attention to cholestrol levels

Low levels of HDL cholesterol can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

To avoid complications, a good diet and minimum workout is necessary. 

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