Tell us briefly about your background.

I am Akinboboye victor born in Okitipupa , ondo state on 2nd of July. I started my education at ‘full stature international school’. Then I proceeded to ‘Federal government college idoani’ where I obtained my O level in 2010.

I gained admission to ‘federal university of technology Akure’ where I obtained my BTech in agric. My Dj career started in my university days and after my undergraduate program, I served my country in the compulsory NYSC 1 year service. I have been pushing my Dj career ever since then.

How exactly did you come into djing?

I came into djing through the influence of my cousin Dj mondollar who was already an established Dj in Lagos in 2013

How does it feel for you mixing djing and music production career?

Djing and production are two different aspect of music but they come hand in hand so having both knowledge has shaped my taste in music and improved my skills.

How did you come about your stage name, DJ Balor?

Balor has always been my nickname so when I started djing I just picked that because people already know me as Balor

How do you handle women who usually flock around as an artist?

I’m a professional in my field and I take my job seriously so I keep every bit of it professional.

Being a DJ and also a sound producer, how does working on each end feels like?

It’s really therapeutic to be honest because I get to hear what other don’t hear.

Sometimes it could be quite tasking because I get to pick every sound that sends right signal to the audience.

Looking at the awards and competitions you’ve won, how does it feel like to win, especially the popular jimmy jump off competition?

I thank God for the talent and hardwork. I’m always glad when I’m being recognized for my job and talent so I thank jimmy jatt and the judges for being fair and honest.

Would you prefer djing to sound production or the opposite?

Djing is my first love because I like how I make people happy and how I educate people on the dance floor while music production is another aspect that grasp my attention especially when I’m trying to get out of a space in my head. It’s all talent and therapy for me.

How does it feel like when performing in Turkey being a non-English speaking country?

Being able to read the mood of the crowd is one aspect of djing that is very important . before any gig, I make sure I do my homework and make sure I know the caliber of people coming to my gig then the rest is easy.

What is the inspiration behind half human half dj?

Human half human DJ is a nickname I picked cos I thought one part of me is music and maybe one part is Human lol

What are your plans for the rest of the Year and any other thing you might want us to expect coming year/s?

I’m working on an EP of music sounds and mixtapes right now with few talent collaborations. It should be out before the end of the year and I’m looking forward to other gigs so I’m excited about what’s to come.

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