Abusive relationship is now common place with our contemporary societal folks. It trends online cum offline, as such many lives have been reported dead, due to its negative impacts on the victims.

Just because a person doesn’t lay hands on you, doesn’t mean they aren’t abusive. Abuse is total subjugation, blatant disrespect and hurtful words inclusive.

Never settle for emotional abusive, thinking it is okay. Why? because you feel it isn’t physical.

As an unmarried fellow, you can easily quit an abusive relationship before dabbling in marriage, due to the ugly signs your partner display before your very eyes, each time arguments ensue.

To the married, so many factors hinder both parties from quitting when marital turbulence arises. But, with the rate at which patient couples die from an abusive marriage, is quite alarming, and it must be curbed!

Truth be told, God detests divorce; God hates abusive marriage too. If an abusive marriage would lead the victim to an “untimely death”, then separation must come in, because not every abusive person that prayer can change or stop; don’t be deceived! God doesn’t support any human killing their fellow using any means.

We must all in unison of voice as Clerics, Marriage Counsellors, Educationists and the likes preach against abusive marriage, because we live in a world where a couple dies from abusive marriage, while the malefactor is either jailed a while, released and allowed to roam the street freely to remarry. When such a person is left to roam the street or live with no rehabilitation, then we should expect a repeat of such ill trend from such a person.

Like the Bible says ” Train up a child…” meaning you cannot train up an adult, because they are already synchronized with either good or bad behavior from childhood, and not easy to change, only God can change an Adult.

Conclusively, separate from an abusive marriage with the red flag sign, don’t remain due to properties, children or achievements you have already with your partner. If you die from an abusive marriage, your race on earth is terminated and your destiny fulfilment is cut short! When you demise, you shall know that remaining and dying from an abusive marriage is not a criteria to entering God’s Kingdom. NO MARRIAGE IN HEAVEN!

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