May 9, 2022

Victor Aruwah: Exhibiting admirable entrepreneurial prowess

Victor Aruwah: Exhibiting admirable entrepreneurial prowess

Nigerian-American Victor Chiagoziem Aruwah, a US Army veteran who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hotel Kurvilla Sickingen Landstuhl in Germany has continued to make Africa and Nigeria proud.

Aside being honoured with a Civilian Service Achievement Medal “for exceptional service as an engineer” at the Directorate of Public Works, United States Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz in 2021, he has also exhibited an admirable entrepreneurial prowess with his hotel in Germany and recently boosted his profile with the publication of his biography, When Grace Suspends The Rules, which is due to be released any time soon. Consequently, there has been increasing interest in his background and his backstory.

Speaking in a recent interview, the 43-year-old provided insight into his citizenship, ethnicity and motivation.
“I am a United States Citizen with Nigerian parents. I am a US Army veteran following my service for 15 years. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and have earned a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering,” he stated.

Continuing, Aruwah said: “After serving the US Army for 15 years and stationed in many countries I retired in 2012 at age 33 years and then joined the United States Directorate of Public Works Installation Management Command Unit, Engineering Division based in Germany.”

He also explained his motivation for going into the hospitality business, after being an army Chemical Operations Specialist for 18 years.

According to him: “I have travelled to different cities around the world and I have been very lucky to enjoy some of the best hospitality across the world in terms of accommodation, food, and other travelling experience. Hence my desire to replicate the same experience and offer a world-class hospitality experience for work or leisure.”

Aruwah, who avowed that he is driven by the philosophy that “one must think big in life and work hard,” has been managing Hotel Kurvilla, his 32-room bouquet hotel in Nanstein Landstuhlhotel.

And of this, he said: “I have managed this project for nearly five years and it has been a wonderful experience with no service failure or lowering of our standards.”