Dr. Leesi Gborogbosi, a governorship aspirant in Rivers State, has said the people are set for a refreshing era, as it is time for technocrats to enter participatory politics to bridge the divide between the public and private sectors.

Gborogbosi said he will speak the language of businessmen if elected governor, which will contribute to a favourable investment climate and increased job creation in River State.

He told newsmen in Lagos, “Now is the time for technocrats to enter public service and assume leadership roles at all levels of government.”

Dr Gborogbosi also mentioned that technocrats becoming politicians can invigorate the public sector since they emerge from an ecosystem driven by the need to produce measurable results.

“Technocrats can also bring an ethos defined by the expectations of stakeholders. Technocrats can bring transparency and accountability to the public system.

“For most business leaders and entrepreneurs, meeting these demands becomes second nature.

“Accountability becomes second nature after that. They understand that every kobo counts.”

“With technocrats bringing the networks from the private sector that career politicians are unlikely to have,” Dr. Gborogbosi highlighted that he understood the importance of collaboration.

“They have the potential to foster collaboration between the government and the private sector.”

Gborogbosi said that his experience and expertise span strategy, planning, leadership, governance, global competitiveness, performance management, resource management, human capacity development, and cost management, which is exciting.

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