Kaduna train attack

Govt  must investigate &  punish allegations of defence corruption – CNG

‘ Israel negotiated with Hamas in 2006″ -Anthony Sani

By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo 

Reactions have continued to trail the ultimatum given by terrorists who abducted passengers of the ill-fated Abuja-Kaduna bound train about 2 months ago. 

Commenting on the threat issued by the terrorists, Dr Yunusa Tanko of the National Conscience Party ( NCP) said although no government would want to negotiate with those threatening its sovereignty, the life of every Nigerian is important. 

According to him, “The truth about this is that government needs to know…at least let us know the demands of the bandits who have kept people in captivity so that a team of experts can examine it and find an amicable solution. The most important thing in the lives of these particular abductees and every life is important to Nigeria.”

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“So we cannot allow them to kill these people because of the demands that they want.”

” In every developed country when the issue of demand and abductees is tabled, the government just listens and finds a solution, possibly providing some of the things being needed with the hope of negotiation to release the abductees. That way is a win-win situation for us because no government wants to negotiate with anybody that is threatening its sovereignty.”

“So we need to use the stick and carrot approach to get the abductees out of the situation on the ground.”

Similarly, the Coalition of Northern Groups ( CNG) said Government must act to investigate and punish allegations of defence corruption if we are to reclaim our forests.

While reacting to the 7-day ultimatum given by the terrorists or else they start killing the abducted passengers, the Spokesperson of the CNG, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman said ” I don’t think these things about the terrorists talking to people and setting conditions are going to solve the matter.”

” The whole affair is becoming one big drama unfolding in series. I don’t think it would be that easy for gangs of forest bandits to be able to operate with such audacious regularity unhindered without sensing a vacuum in the political will of officials to challenge them.”

“Government must act to investigate and punish allegations of defence corruption if we are to reclaim our forests, land borders, highways, airports and railways that are abandoned to the mercy of these gangs of criminals who operate at will and with ease.”

“Those who pose as Northern leaders today are also not helping the situation, they are rather more engrossed in the politics of 2023 as though everything is normal. They are pretending not to see the threats posed by the activities of these bandits to the elections they are fighting over”. 

“They are not bothered by the reality of famine in the land with productive lands taken over. I think we should just call the bluff of the terrorists,” he said.

National President of the Area Youth Forum ( AYF), Alhaji Gambo Ibrahim Gujungu, said the government should do all it can to rescue the abductees without any collateral damage. 

According to him, both the abductees who have spent about 2 months in captivity for no fault of theirs and their relations have continued to live in trauma which shouldn’t be.

He was of the view that their continued stay in captivity was not good for the image of the country and therefore, measures to reach an amicable resolution with the terrorists should be a necessary option to free the AK 9 train passengers in the kidnappers’ den.

Reacting, the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria ( CAN) in Kaduna State, Rev.Joseph John Hayab said the government should use wisdom and power to rescue the abductees. 

He said, ” sadly, innocent Nigerians are the ones suffering and even being threatened with death for a matter they do not know about.”

“Terrorists globally use these types of tactics to have their way but any organized security will know what to do and how to dislodge them.”

“Our hearts go to those in captivity and their families. We will continue to pray and will not keep quiet till they are rescued and brought back home safely.”

“CAN is appealing to the Federal Government to use her wisdom and powers to bring this stalemate to an end.CAN also appeal to the bandits to release those in their custody unconditionally.”

“Whatever may be their reasons for doing this they should remember that putting any innocent person in pain or to death has its repercussion now or hereafter. We believe this evil that had befallen our nation will soon come to an end.”

A former Secretary-General of the Arewa Consultative Forum ( ACF), Anthony NZ Sani, said  ” as far as I am concerned, even though negotiation with terrorists is outlawed and generally not encouraged internationally, when it comes to the need to secure the release of citizens held in captivity, they need to sustain patriotism makes it necessary and imperative to negotiate with terrorists.”

“That is why most countries negotiate with terrorists for the liberty of hostages. That explains why Israel had to negotiate with Hamas in 2006 and secured the release of one Israeli soldier held captive by Hamas by releasing about  a thousand Hamas held by Israeli soldiers.”

“In 2014, President Obama’s regime negotiated with Taliban and secured the freedom of one American soldier by freeing five Taliban held by America in Guantanamo. The main reason is that no country can risk its patriotism by forsaking some of its citizens to their fate at the hands of terrorists. After all, the law is made for man, and not man-made for the law. So, the government is expected to do the needful by going as far as efforts can go and secure the kidnapped to avoid their being killed and risk a sense of patriotism in the polity.”


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