By Femi Fani-Kayode

This was indeed a monumental blunder, a humiliating show of shame and a self-deprecating faux pas!

On the 19th of May 2022, George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States of America, spoke to a shell-shocked and amazed American audience whilst delivering what was meant to be a blistering attack on President Vladimer Putin of Russia and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He condemned what he described as “the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of IRAQ!”

When he realised the monumental implications of what he had said, he quickly added that he meant to say “Ukraine” and not “Iraq” but the cat was already out of the bag.

Bush’s Freudian slip said it all.

Even though he tried to make a joke of it and put it down to an error caused by his 75-year-old age and fast degenerating mental faculties, the damage had already been done.

He had ensnared himself with his own words, shot himself in the foot, publicly confessed to his dastardly crimes and admitted his own guilt.

19 years after the brutal and bestial slaughter of over 1,000,000 Iraqi men, women and children after he ordered the illegal bombing and invasion of Iraq in 2003 and introduced a wicked and unconscionable post-invasion set of economic sanctions, the blood of his innocent victims is speaking from the grave and haunting him.

19 years ago, he did EXACTLY what he is accusing President Vladimer Putin of doing today in the Ukraine and now, before the entire world, he has confirmed it with his own lips.

George W. Bush, Tony Blair (former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) and the other Heads of State, Presidents and leaders that led their countries into participating in this barbaric, vile and abominable atrocity against the Iraqi people by the so-called “coalition of the willing” on the false premise, mendacious pretext and dirty lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, ought to have been taken to the International Criminal Court at the Hague and jailed for life long ago.

Sadly, this will not happen and they will not pay for their evil deeds until they die and go into the after-life because they and their successors in office control that court and indeed much of the world today.

They may not be served justice in this life but they will certainly be subjected to it in the life to come where their numerous victims are waiting for them.

The truth is that Americans are the last people that ought to accuse Putin and Russia of illegal invasion against independent sovereign states because that has been their stock in trade over the last 75 years.

Remember the bombing and/or invasions of Serbia, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Vietnam, Korea, Yemen, Panama, Cuba and so many others?

Remember the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic weapons at the end of WW 11 even though the Japanese had already been defeated and were in retreat and the war was effectively over?

Remember the countless examples of “regime change” and the sponsoring of military coup d’etats sponsored and engineered by the CIA that took place in Africa and South America over the last 70 years?

Remember the number of foreign democratically-elected and legitimate Presidents and Heads of State that were murdered all over the world both during and after the Cold War either by the CIA directly or by their local allies and associates on their orders?

Remember the Iran/Iraq war in which 1, 000, 000 people were killed which was orchestrated, sponsored, encouraged and engineered by the CIA in an attempt to topple the leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, and put an end to his Islamic Revolution?

Remember the destabilisation and CIA-sponsored “people’s revolutions” that took place in Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, Tunisia, Georgia, Yemen and other nations and how they all resulted in regime change in those countries over the last 15 years?

Remember how the CIA and the Pentagon secretly created and covertly sponsored and supported Osama Bin Ladin and his Al Qaeda, Mallam Omar and his Taliban, Mohammed Al Baghdadi and his ISIS and Abubakar Shekau and his Boko Haram at the outset in order to use them to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan and years later their perceived adversaries in Syria, the Middle East, West Africa and North Africa respectively?

Remember how Americans have effectively turned themselves into the policeman of the world ever since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the establishment of a unipolar world?

Remember how they control the World Bank, the IMF, the Paris Club, the other Bretton Woods International Monetary Institutions and the World Trade Organisation and how they have used them to turn developing nations into a desperate, dependant and hungry host of pauper, debtor and beggar entities that crawl on their knees and that have been subjected to the second slavery?

Remember how they control the world’s economy, trade and commerce and most of the world’s central and commercial banks and how they manipulate them to keep much of the world at their mercy and dependant on their whims and caprices?

Remember how they control much of the world’s social media networks and cyberspace and the world’s major international television networks, major newspapers and media space which they use to afflict entire populations with mass hypnotism and mind control, to feed the people with lies, disinformation and misinformation and to cover up their horrendous acts, their hidden agenda and their evil plans?

Their atrocities are legion and too many to list here.

What they and their European allies are doing today by provoking Russia with their shameful actions in Ukraine, Finland and Sweden and, with their reckless and dangerous eastern expansion of NATO will be their last.

Russia is NOT Iraq, Syria or Libya. She is not a weak state or a soft target.

She has more long range and tactical nuclear weapons and war heads than any other nation in the world and she has bellicose and determined leaders that have the political will to use them if and when necessary.  She cannot be bullied or easily overwhelmed.

Her people are well-educated, focused, tough, resilient, historically-literate, highly-motivated and patriotic to a fault and they are well-prepared for a long drawn major conflict.

They also have some powerful friends and allies in countries like China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, Brazil, South Africa, some the Arab states and many others.

If Americans and Europeans want WW3, they will get it but it may not end the way they want.

They may find that their desperate quest to establish a New World Order may be far more costly than they anticipated.

•Fani-Kayode was Minister of Aviation under Obasanjo administration


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