ACF, Arewa, Afenifere, CNG

By Jimitota Onoyume
Arewa leader in the South, Alhaji Musa Saidu , has appealed to politicians to stop alleged use of fictitious names to issue statements under the guise of northern elders.

Speaking against the backdrop of a publication in Vanguard newspaper allegedly by one Alhaji Abdullahi Usman under the aegis of Amaechi Volunteer Group where the said Usman dismissed some of what he ( Saidu) said were the common positions of northerners in the South on the presidential bid of Amaechi Alhaji Saidu said if Alhaji Usman was real the northern community in Rivers would want to know him.

He said as leader of the northern community in the South all effort he had made to confirm the identity of the said Alhaji Abdullahi Usman had been futile, wondering how somebody who claimed to be a northern elder in Rivers would not be known to other northerners in the state.

“We don’t know the person. We want him to display his photograph so that we can be sure he is an Arewa leader. We have asked but nobody knows him. I have asked every northerner in Rivers as the leader of Arewa in the south but nobody knows him.”

“There is nobody that does not know about the burial ground issue between the rivers state government under Amaechi and the northern community which I spoke about . So for somebody who we don’t know to come up to dismiss our experience in the hand of that government shows clearly that the person was never in Rivers state. “

Continuing , Saidu said he had no problem with Amaechi, recalling that he mobilised the northern community for his re election as governor of the state.

He said this time the northern community in the South had chosen to part ways with Amaechi politically, stressing that he only advised him in his publications in several national newspapers not to waste his money on his presidential aspiration.

” I don’t have any problem with Amaechi . I supported him in 2015 . I mobilised northerners in Rivers to support his re election. But this time we have chosen to part ways with him politically . I am not criticizing Amaechi because we want money. He knows Alhaji Musa Saidu is a comfortable man “

” I was made a member of the PDP campaign committee for reelection of Amaechi as governor , led by Chief Nyesom Wike as the Director General then to represent the Hausa community in Rivers state. I was put in the committee for special duties .I was there for about thirty to fourth days. I gave him all the support . Two days to the election I was asked to mobilise northern community to visit him .So I am saying this to let you know that we have no problem with Amaechi. We are only saying the truth so that he should not waste his money

“Those praising him are after his money . They did it to Dr Peter Odili. He should know this. “

“We bought our burial ground in Tai ourselves after Amarchi’s government took over the one allocated to us in Port Harcourt. “

“We just want to know the identity of the man Alhaji Abdullahi Usman . If they don’t produce the photograph then they are using fake identities to destroy our cherished Arewa community..And we want this to stop”.


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