Famous Nigerian skit maker Lawrence Osarenkhoe, better known as OfficialMCCasino,  or MC Casino,has submitted that online content creators in the country’s entertainment space are not threats to the survival of stand-up comedians.

With the pervasiveness of social media, Nigeria has witnessed the rise of online skit makers who are the rave of the moment and garner hundreds of thousands of views on their platforms, raking in millions from their YouTube content.

Majority of the online skit makers become instant hit and brands quickly snatch them up as brand ambassadors, appearing that they are stealing the show from stand-up comedians.

But speaking on the trend in a recent question and answer session, OfficialMCCasino, who has been in the industry for 20 years, averred that skit makers and traditional comedians both have their place in the industry.

“Online skit makers, I repeat, online skit makers can never threaten the survival of traditional stand up comedians in Nigeria. It’s not possible, they cannot, because they perform different role in the ecosystem”,
OfficialMCCasino explained.

Speaking further , OfficialMCCasino staid,
“They all have their different niche. 90 percent of online skitmakers cannot anchor event, they cannot do stand-up comedy. So I think everybody is surviving differently”.

OfficialMCCasino ,also called  MC Casino, who is highly skilled as an event host, explained that though he had the gift to command rapt attention from people, he developed and polished himself to become a professional compere.

“As a Master of Ceremony, it came naturally. I grew myself. I think I was born with it, I think learnt the business of anchoring an event. I watched so many clip, did so many research on public speaking, I attended lecturers and seminars on public speaking, so I trained myself on being a good master of ceremony”, the graduate of Agriculture from the University of Benin stated.

Revealing what inspired his stage name, the former UNIBEN Students Union Government (SUG) vice president said it was adopted from a movie acted by his favourite Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke.

“I used to be a very strong, follower and fan of this Nollywood guy Jim Iyke. In fact, my entire family. My dad used to like his movies a lot. So I was addicted to his movies. While in was growing up, people always tell me I look like him.

“So there was this movie he acted ‘The Cat’, so that was where I first heard the word ‘casino’. I just heard the word and fell in love with the word, soni just added MC to it. That was how I started using the name*, OfficialMCCasino added

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