Gladys Adurojaiye is the CEO of Medas Botanics, a skin beauty industry. In this interview, she speaks on the level of quacks in the skin beauty industry and why it is fast becoming rampant in the country.

What is your thought on people who indulge in quack skin beauty cream?

Many Nigerians who patronize quacks have looked back in regret because of the eventual damage to their skin.  Now they know that it’s better on the long run to engage the services of professionals even though it may cost more.  Despite the proliferation of quack skin beauticians, you still have a few who have positioned themselves as professionals in the industry.   

Venturing into the business…..

As one of the lead formulators, I am still building a trusted brand in the skin beauty industry in Nigeria. It is a natural skincare brand which focuses on enhancing and maintaining the natural complexion of women. 

It has come into the beauty space to make a difference having successfully formulated a wide range of products to help rejuvenate, nourish and keep the skin radiant without bleaching it.

The journey….

It started with one goal, that is, to deliver healthy glowing skin to individuals who are  conscious of the health of their skin.

I started dreaming of producing plant-based skincare products as far back as 2006. I remember using a product introduced to me by a friend which damaged my skin after about a month of using it. The outcome made me lose self confidence. I lost   my self-esteem and I vowed never to try such again.

Unpleasant experience inspired her to search for a skincare brand that’ll just enhance her skin without bleaching it or damaging it. Her search led her to birthing her own beauty brand known as Medas Botanics.

How safe is this product?

It is a safe and affordable skincare brand for everyone, as her range of products targets beauty-conscious individuals in varying age groups. She has also formulated products for children and adults.

“We have wide range of skin beauty products, from treatment to maintenance. Some of them include Visage glow to help treat acne, Clear glow for people dealing with hyperpigmentation, Luscious glow for dry and sensitive skin, Sheer glow to main the natural complexion, Skin nutrient made with tomatoes extract for natural complexion, among others.”

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