… urges them to vote youths during Primaries

By Fortune Eromosele

An international Activist, Philanthropist, and a renowned motivational speaker, Dr. Raymond Edoh has alleged that the reason why Nigerians keep recycling leaders who are not well equipped with leadership skills is because of the selfish and over greedy Delegates in all the political parties in Nigeria, stressing that delegates are the problem of the country.

The Nigerian Youth Ambassador to the United States, Secretary General Nigerian Youth Congress, Dr. Raymond Edoh made the assertion recently in an electronic interview with journalists.

According to him, delegates have done Nigeria too much harm and as a matter of fact, this time, they should realise that the power to rewrite the Nigerian political and economic history lies in their hands.

“Delegates, constitutionally have been empowered to select flag bearers of their sundry political parties. This is a very critical role, but it is unfortunate that these individuals fail to understand the peculiarity of this noble and sensitive opportunity which determines what is attainable for the entire nation for a complete tenure of four (4) years.

“Literally speaking, these people have seen party delegacy as an avenue to garner a few wealth for oneself as orchestrated by our political system, leaving behind the very key reasons and impact of their selection on the country. This is worrisome, challenging, and frustrating.

“In previous years, they have done this and that’s why we are still where we are today as a nation. Very bad! This act demoralizes me and a few Nigerians who are heart-bent on the success of this nation, politically, economically, and otherwise.

“This has birthed the menacing evil of corruption in politics that has continued to ravage the Nigerian polity since democratic dispensation, which wittingly or unwittingly appears to have defiled solutions. Obviously, almost every government that has ruled Nigeria, appeared helpless in the face of corruption that has assumed the dangerous status of a lifestyle amongst the citizenry.

“Having watched in disbelief and absolute confusion the dwindling fortunes of Nigeria, and perturbed by the obvious consequences of the political calamity and imminent economic collapse that might be the possible results of this dreaded evil.

“Moral conscience to proffer some solutions to the problem of corruption in Nigeria, and by extension to every other nook and cranny of the country. I wish this day to speak directly to the conscience of the Nigerian political delegates and at the same time, serve as an eye opener to those of them who misunderstand and misconstrue the travails of this great nation on the periphery of socio-political gains.

“And by extension, this has also contributed to the rising four critical barriers to Nigeria’s democratic consolidation, which are the terrorism of Boko Haram in the northeast, threats of Igbo secession in the southeast, lingering ethnic resentments, and rebellions in the Niger Delta, and farmer-pastoralist conflicts.

“I want to reiterate that our Nigerian delegates should look inward and vote for the interest of the nation and not the other way round.

“However, I want to point it out clearly to them,  that in their votes, voting for youth should be a priority. The youths have the strength to deliver, they have the mental capacity and capability to react to situations with immediate actions as they unfold. This proactive skill in leadership is essential to the growth of any nation”, Raymond stated.

However, regretting the actions of delegates in the previous years, Edoh said, “Voting the wrong leaders in elective positions during primaries brought us to where we are today.

“But my greatest challenge and dismay is the fact that the same delegates complain about bad leadership. Isn’t that obvious? If you delegates can also complain about the bad leadership in the country after being the mechanism through which we get the bad leadership! Then, I admonish you all to change today and give us young, and visionary leaders as party flag bearers.

“At this time, it would be disastrous for the nation to have old people as party flag bearers in any political office. Old people shouldn’t be forced on us the electorates again. What benefit do you delegates derive from selling the future of this country? Thus, Buhari must not be replaced by an old person. If this happens, God and the entire youths of this nation would hold you all (the delegates) accountable.

“The game of highest bidder must not show its ugly face in the forthcoming primaries, please! In voting, age, ability, international recognition, and other criteria must be put into consideration instead of money.”

Edoh also charged the Nigerian youths with getting their permanent voters cards stressing that the 2023 general elections would be a history rewriting election in the history of Africa.

“I also want to use this medium to debunk rumors making the airwaves that 2023 general elections wouldn’t hold or that it would be full of crisis. I make bold to say, as a youth leader in this nation, the 2023 general elections would hold, and I assure  Nigerians that it wouldn’t only peacefully hold but it would be one of the freest and fair elections that would have been held in the history of Africa.

“I also want to urge Nigerians to continue believing in Nigeria. This is the country we can truly call our own. So, let’s join hands together to make Nigeria a great nation that we have always envisaged.

“In the same way, I appeal to the federal government and ASUU to shift grounds in the interest of the Nation, so that this younger generation can get back to school. Them being at home increases crime as  it  is clearly justified that an idol’s mind is the devil’s workshop,” he said.


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