Perspective: Scottish Local Government Elections!

By Josephine oboh Macleod 

We must move on! All is not lost!

Now that the protest vote is over let’s focus on the matter at hand and in Scotland, it is the local issues and lack of accountability by the SNP-led Scottish Government.

As an ex-candidate at the recent Scottish Local elections, I stand by my speech that  “I was extremely delighted and proud to have taken part as rhe Scottish Conservative and Unionist Councillor candidate for Kirkintilloch East North & Twechar.

Congratulations to the elected Councillors. My very special thanks to the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party for selecting and believing in me to run as their candidate.

Of course, my immense appreciation goes to my supporters, family and those who voted for me. I am proud to have made it this far. The amount of votes I got has convinced me more that we are on the right path.

I will continue to support the progress of Scotland and the United Kingdom at large, and I truly hope that we achieve a greater Scotland someday!”

Unfortunately, so many very able Councillors lost their seats over protest votes and other competent candidates were not allowed to get elected because of the grudges over party gate. 

Most Councils, including the SNP-led ones, have had their funding cut to a bare minimum in Scotland. I do believe that apart from gross incompetence,  this is part of the reason the country is running down fast. It is beyond most people’s comprehension that there are potholes all across Scotland, run-down infrastructure,  most without routine maintenance, and inadequate business support, which has led to some businesses struggling, while a lot have shut down.

 The youth have no jobs to look forward to, whilst the police are unable to tackle crimes efficiently due to the continued budget cuts. Councils can no longer afford the resources and manpower to clean up streets or provide adequate waste bins.

In addition, the NHS has an unacceptable waiting list for major and minor medical treatments. Need I mention the drastic drop in educational standards that are producing a workforce that can no longer compete nationally and globally. 

These economic drawbacks are therefore becoming a heavy burden for all to bear. However, we must keep pushing for change and the negligence of the  Scottish National Party SNP must not be condoned. They must be pressured to be financially accountable.

The SNP government must put the welfare of the people first and stop diverting much-needed council funding to independent campaigns.  The Scottish Minister, Nicola Sturgeon must open her books for public scrutiny!

Moreover, I am advocating that the National Government fund each Council directly to avoid this current situation of underfunding. If this method is adopted, a lot of improvements can be achieved in our dear beloved ailing Scotland!

I urge us, once again, to stay focused on how to rebuild our great nation Scotland and not how to destroy it with yet another referendum campaign.

Oboh-Macleod wrote in from Scotland

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