Nigerians drag actor Yomi Fabiyi for accusing Tonto Dikeh of promoting violence

By David Royal

Nigerians have reacted to comments made by popular Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi accusing actress, Tonto Dikeh of promoting violence by engaging in a fight with controversial Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo.

You would recall that Tonto and Kemi have been on each other after an Instagram live session that Kemi had with Tonto’s ex-lover, Prince Kpokpogri, over his demolished building.

He had used that opportunity to tongue-lash Tonto for chasing clout with his name over his predicament.

In the video, Kemi claimed that Tonto was only bragging and was not behind the demolished building. She went on to call the actress a clout chaser for trying to feed the public with a “power image.”

She also called Tonto a drug dealer and a gun runner.

In response to the video, Tonto took to her social media story to call out Kemi with threats of sending her to jail.

Hurt by Tonto’s comment, she wondered why anyone would wish she goes back to jail after all she went through in Port Harcourt prison, which made her battle with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for years.

Tonto promised not to back down as she stated that she would help curb Kemi’s unbridled mouth.

Reacting to the controversies, Yomi took to his Instagram page to call out Tonto, saying that sometimes silence is golden but in this case, it will amount to CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE on the part of the society.

He wrote;

“Tonto Dikeh, Sometimes silence is golden but in this case of you and Aunty Kemi Olunloyo, it will amount to CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE on the part of the society.

“As a public figure, young people are looking and following you online and offline, it is criminal and anti-social to issue “THREATS” of this nature privately or publicly because someone supposedly wronged you. If you feel you have a case and aunty Kemi infringes on your rights, inform the police, see they take right action or approach the COURT.

“Flashback when you jumped on my source of livelihood, asked people to attack my movie OKO IYABO, movie you never watched(like a handful) before rushing to judgement. I didn’t Institute any legal action against you yet let alone threaten you privately(when we chatted). I just put you in your place since then. Everything is not by social media, easy does it.

“Little did I know you will find excuse to mock your EX predicament(House Demolition) recently because of your past encounter. What a dwindling personality. I notice a handful of you then(during Oko Iyabo) but I don’t dignify everybody with a response or throw stones at all dogs that barks, time will tell. I will always stand by what is right even if I stand alone or it takes time for all to understand.


“I have a background, raised to know that there is “NO DIGNITY FIGHTING WHOEVER IS ON THE FLOOR”, I picture humanity as my best religion. The Nigerian society is getting tired of your likes hiding behind “gender”, “emotions”, “anonymity of social media” etc to promote criminality in the name of whatever. Your likes see threat to life, trial by ordeal etc as means of seeking redress, classless! Polluting and misleading the society with negatives aided in part by social media, THIS NONSENSE MUST STOP, arrogance of Ignorance!

“I will not ask you NOT TO attack Kemi Olunloyo. I like to advise people but sometimes don’t wish they heed, e get why. ISSUING THREATS AND ATTEMPTING ARE PUTTING LAWS INTO YOUR HANDS, PUNISHABLE UNDER THE LAW. Seek the right way to register your displeasure(peaceful and legal means), stop promoting violence. Anything peace, human dignity, rule of law is everybody’s business. My 1cent”

Some Nigerians who reacted to this said;

@austaofficial “You have no moral justification to have an opinion on these two. And using the situation as an opportunity to justify making a movie of a actual child molestation using real names with twisted narrative is even more low. If Tonto stood against then it is good she did. For you it’s about making money not minding who gets affected by it. Pleaseeeee stop with the victim card.

@cleanlook_cleanlook”I think the matter does not really concern you..
something we should learn to stay far away from trouble… and think more about making money…”

@olori_mko “Your write up is good but wrong approach……You could have chatted and advised her in private……rather than coming to the public.”

@morayogirl “Why don’t you use this same energy to advise Lizzy anjorin, if truely you are not basis”

@oba_larrry “Exactly Baba, she’s always been on the negative side of every situation. But pls sir, I won’t like you to put up any write up about this anymore, this is more like women thing and the comments may not be so friendly as most of them doesn’t like an open minded fellow”

@debimade “But how dis matter take concern Mr Ikebe Yomi? Oga go change dirty diapers and leave women to sort demsefs out😂”

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