By Esther Onyegbula

The widow of Sunday-David Umoh, the 37-year-old sound engineer who was lynched and burnt by irate motorcycle operators at Admiralty Way Lekki on Thursday evening, has called on the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alabi, to fish out his killers.

Recall that late Sunday-David Umoh, a member of Legacy 360 band, was lynched and set ablaze.

It was learned that Sunday-David Umoh met his death while attempting to mediate between his colleagues, Phillip Balogun and Frank, and a bike rider who were arguing over N100, which snowballed into a mob attack.

Phillip Balogun and Frank are still lying unconscious in the hospital.

Speaking with Vanguard on Monday, late Sunday-David’s 36-year-old widow, Grace Bolu, said she was yet to believe that her husband was gone.

The mother of two, who works at Ijede LCDA, as a Senior Technical Officer, Mechanical and Infrastructure Department, said: “My husband was not part of those that boarded the bike.

“Two musicians were the ones who boarded the commercial bike. One of them plays for Phyno, while the other plays for Dbanj.

“They boarded the bike and agreed to pay N400. On getting to their destination at Beer Bar along Admiralty Way Lekki, they gave the bike man N500.

“However, the commercial motorcyclist said he didn’t have N100 change to give them and they got into an argument.

“When the argument degenerated into a fight, someone ran inside the bar and called for help.

“My husband was part of the people that went down to intervene and stop the fight. 

“It was when he tried to intervene that the attackers started shouting that they were ‘Yahoo bys and ritualists.

“When they realised that the motorcycle operators were more than them, they ran back to the bar. Unfortunately, the manager of the bar pushed them out, because he doesn’t know the guys who boarded the bike.

“That was how they were lynched and my husband was burnt.”

Explaining further, Bolu said: “My husband was 37-year-old when he was murdered in cold blood.

“I received a call on Friday, May 13, at about past 3pm. I was told that my husband is late. I had to quickly rush down to the church.

“I was around my dad’s Church. Because I could not talk, I was in shock, and I gave my dad the phone.

His schedule

“My husband left home on Tuesday. Normally he leaves home on Tuesdays because he works with two companies.

“He works as a sound engineer at Church of God Mission International on the island during the day, then in the evenings if they have shows, or he has a gig somewhere, he plays for a band called Legacy 360 band.

“Most times they play on Thursday and Friday. It was that Thursday they went to play at Beer Bar.

“Most times when they get to any destination, he sends me his location, which he did on that day.

“I was expecting him to call that night, but he didn’t. I kept calling him, but his number wasn’t going through.

“So I felt maybe the battery was flat, that he would call me the following day after the show.

“But he didn’t call. I kept calling, still no response. Then I received the call annoucing his death.

“My husband is from Eket in Akwa Ibom, while I am from Ogun State. On April 6 our marriage was nine.”

Describing his late husband, Bolu said: “My husband is loving, and caring and he goes all out for people, not just his family.

“He is gifted with his hands; there is no handiwork he can’t do. He repairs cars; you will think he is a mechanic.

“Electrical works, too. He fixed the stage in my church where I worship — Church of God Mission International, Ikeja.

“He worked with Pastor Paul Adefarsain during the Experience 2019, 2020 and 2021.

“For the sake of my little children, my husband deserves justice. Justices should be served.

“I want security for my children; I am just a civil servant,” she wept.

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