By Ebunoluwa Sessou

Monica Nnoka is an entrepreneur, mindset and transformational coach, poet, and author. She started her journey to MOre in 2020 after she lost her job in one of the biggest firms in Nigeria.

She rose to the position of a branch manager in the banking sector when she lost her job.

Today, she has found purpose for existence as she shares her story of journey to More.

The MOre Coach is the founder and president of MOre-Thenticity Ltd.

She is passionate about helping middle-aged individuals gain clarity, develop unshakable confidence in the ‘MORE’ within, and take action to live the more authentic and impactful life they desire.

The book, The Journey to MOre

I went through a very low period in my life. At that time, I realised that I needed help with my identity and that was how I was struggling. I thought I was flourishing because I was working in one of the biggest companies in Nigeria at the time. When I lost my job, I found out that I had identified myself wrongly and that was why I was struggling.

Losing the job brought me to a place where I began to look inwards and I saw that I was living from outside rather than living from the inside. I needed a lot of help with my mental health as I had become very emotional. I saw that there was more than just losing the job that was driving me and that is frankly what is happening to lots of people. There are jobs they do not like or they are traumatized by something in their past and they are unable to forgive and let go.

For me, my journey to transformation was an eye-opener on how many people need this in Nigeria so that they can stop struggling and start thriving and flourishing.

Mental health is everything but there is no personal development without self-awareness. A lot of Nigerians need self-awareness. Religiously, we have prayed enough but it is now time for us to participate in our own evolution which is why I made the book, Journey of MOre. Journey of becoming more. What it is like becoming more, how can you become more right on earth? How can you reveal more of what you are on earth for? And that is what the book is about. Step by step process on how you can become more. Instead of just reading books, you will be reading the book and taking crucial steps to become more. It is an integrative book that is ready to throw you into the retrospective mood that will allow you to reveal the more that is within.

Your evolutionary story…

In 2019, I initiated two projects – Women are More and We are More connection under The MOre-authenticity company. These projects are designed to help individuals harness the unlimited resources (gifts, talents, potentials, and ideas) within and express their authenticity, ultimately leading them to true abundance. As the convener of the Evolve To Become MOre conference for women, I also coach and mentor professionals and entrepreneurs to become better in their careers and personal life.

In the banking industry in Nigeria where I was for about 10 years, I rose to the position of Business Manager. There and then, I continued into Entrepreneurship and Business consulting on a global scale, helping individuals build businesses in line with their purpose.

Conceptualizing this book

I started by doing some practices that would lead to self-awareness. For instance, I started on meditation and started to see that there is a book within me that I needed to let people benefit from. In 2020, I saw the vision but I did not know what to do with it. And then, step by step, I started to download it from within. The journey of MOre is not from me, rather, it is coming through me. It is a gift to the world. We all have these rich resources from within that are waiting to reveal and that would lead to your higher destiny that is begging to reveal itself.

Starting the coaching and impacting people

Starting the coaching was a struggle because when I saw that was my purpose, from meditation, I started growing within and asking myself why am I here on earth? I was listening to my inner voice, and my intuition, and found out that I was supposed to be a coach. And I was struggling with it because coaching was not my idea. But, when I started coaching, I found out that a lot of people needed me and I fell in love with it because that is my purpose. I am passionate about letting people let go of the things that would hold them back from being More or limiting them, including past trauma so that they can see what they are called to do and do it without holding back or still living in their past.

Addressing mental health through writing

It is a practical book written in such a way that there is nothing to forget as you read. It is for people to be able to integrate that which has been written in the book. The processes are a guided journey. It is embedded with coaching resources to be applied and that makes it more interesting because as an individual, you are beginning to discover yourself and you will never stop asking yourself who you truly are. A lot of thought-provoking questions are asked in the book. It is in integrating this, that their self-awareness actually begins.

People with disability

I have a foundation called More from More. It is for people that are living on the streets. There are people that do not know why they were created. It has been a heavy burden in my heart to allow this group of people to begin to understand that they are not living the purpose for which they were created. Their only purpose is to live on the street and beg. We are starting from Lagos and spreading to other parts of Nigeria and Africa.


Some people will think they are fine because they have normalized being average. It was the same way I was living before now. I was living for just me and my family. Although I had new cars, in fact, when I lost my job, I bought my second brand new car. I thought I was flourishing. I did not know that there was a level of decay; I did not know there was a ceiling that I needed to remove. I was comfortable in that comfort zone without knowing that I was just being average. Most people do not know that they have solutions buried in them. And that is why I think that there are lots of challenges in Nigeria and the opportunities in them are enormous. They can only be seen and solved by those who know them.

25percent of the proceeds from the book go to the foundation to take people off the streets including those who have what she calls a diffability (different ability) and not a disability.

Journey to More is online including on Facebook and Instagram as @themorecoach.


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