Music executive and talent manager, Abifade Tosin Tomide, popularly known as Bayarn, or sometimes referred to as ‘Bayarn of Lagos’ has spoken about how working with BNXN (formerly known as Bujutoyourear) which is arguably the hottest new Nigerian musical sensation has transformed his talent management career and boost for him.

Noting his vast knowledge and years of experience as a music executive, talent manager, digital entrepreneur, principal consultant and others, Bayarn said BNXN is a symbol of inspiration for young talents, where the upcoming musicians can draw a lesson or two from this progression and delivery.

Bayarn, over time, has also carved a niche for himself in the digital music executive for a platform that seems to be on the quest for ensuring the emergence of a new talent generation of creatives in Nigeria and beyond.

Speaking on how he broke into the music industry and what inspired or influenced him to choose the career, Bayarn said: “Creativity in so many forms has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

According to him, “nature-inspired the perfect balance of kindness and creativity in everything that I’ve done, I am a very outgoing person, people tell me I have the personality to be a Project Manager. However, as I learned new things I became more immersed in it.

“Also, I guess my love for music and entertainment made it possible. I have been influenced to always do and be better than I was yesterday. I have learnt from some of the best.”

Bayarn said the best moments in his career “have been seeing some artists get the recognition and accolades they deserve. Watching and seeing others appreciate the sleepless days and nights spent preparing the new ideas for the world to embrace.”

He still believes the Nigerian music industry has made significant strides over the last two decades and is now arguably the most vibrant music sector in Africa.

“It has the highest number of internationally successful and decorated contemporary music acts. The music industry is changing globally, and Nigeria is at the lead. There are a lot more opportunities for artists to distribute and sell their music now than a decade ago. I strongly believe Nigerian music would penetrate every corner of the world soon,” Bayarn said.

To become a successful artist in Nigeria, Bayarn, sharing his secret of success said, the right steps to become a musician and artist in Nigeria successfully and earn money, are to “Choose and know your genre; Perfect your music skills; be unique; try doing good music covers; write and record your first quality songs; make a video, and create and communicate to the ones that appreciate your music.

Speaking on the challenges being faced in management, Bayarn said, “the hardest part about representing artists is being patient. If your phone calls are not returned or your emails are not acknowledged, it is not personal, it just means you haven’t developed the perception that you offer something that will improve the other person’s business.”

Over time, Bayarn, who has achieved a lot in the music industry from various capacities, in his definition of success said, “Success means something different to every musician, but one thing is clear: musical success is no longer, and may never again be, what it used to be.

“For musicians the definition of success is very broad, reflecting the diversity of musicians’ career paths, when people sing your song word for word is simply a great success in music.”

Looking back, Bayarn said, “I am most thankful for the opportunities given to me by those before me, for all they taught and are still teaching me. I am grateful for being a living witness to the resurgence of Nigerian music on the world stage.”


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