By Gabriel Olawale

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Sunday, said that the havoc caused by malaria in Nigeria is 100 per cent higher than the impact of COVID-19.

Speaking at the National Headquarters of the church in the Ebute Metta area of Lagos State, Adeboye said that in 2021 alone, about 200,000 people died of malaria, while the casualties of coronavirus in the same year were about 2,000.

He added that during his recent visit to Europe, the majority of the congregation in the churches where he ministered were not wearing nose masks.

“I read in the newspaper not too long that in 2021 the number of people who died of malaria in Nigeria was about 200,000. The number of people who died of Coronavirus in the same year is less than 2,000. Which one is more deadly, Coronavirus or malaria?

Adeboye said his prophecy in 2020 that only those whose time had come would die had come to pass, “malaria is deadlier than coronavirus, anyone still seating at home on Sunday claiming he will not come to church because of coronavirus, the problem is you.

The octogenarian preacher, who said he just came back from a ministration in Europe, observed that residents have shunned the use of face masks.

“I just return from Europe, where people came from more than 40 European countries to listen to ministration, one thing I discovered is that in all the churches I minister despite the large gathering, am not sure I see two people wearing nose masks. What does that tell you?

He, therefore, said Christians in Nigeria still absent from physical worship at churches are acting in defiant disobedience to God.

He said, “You are disobeying direct instruction from God that says you must not abandon the gathering of the brethren.”

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