: We’ve paid compensation, 5. people refused to collect  -TCN

By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo 

The Managing Director of the Transmission Company of Nigeria ( TCN), Engr. Suleiman Ahmed Abdulaziz has said that the 330 transmission line project in Kaduna is about 80% completed and the contractor has assured that it would be finished before the end of this year. 

He, however, observed that the project was been stalled due to issues arising from some land owners who had refused to collect compensation and vacate  their land for the smooth completion of the project.

While fielding questions from journalists in Kaduna, Engr. Suleiman  said they would meet with the Kaduna State Government and find ways of resolving the  land issue. 

According to him,  “we are here right away at Kudenden power station. This power station is generating  215 mega Watts and we have to evacuate this power to Mando 330 Kv sub station in Kaduna. “

%So what we are doing now, we are building a 330  transmission line from Kudenden to Mando.In addition to that also,we have the Gurara generation station which is generating 30 mega Watts. That project has been completed long time ago and the Minister of Water Resources is always writing to the Minister of Powe to make sure that we finish our project so that, that 30 mega Watts can be evacuated.”

“One of the reasons why we have not done that is because of the issues we have here. So the Hon.Minister of Power directed me to come here , look at the issues, talk to the contractor and find solution.”

“So as we are here now, the contractor is at site, we met him working. The only issues we have are 2 or 3.”

“The first one is around here at Kudenden..we’ve paid compensation to almost all the people here. But we have 5 people who refused to collect their own money telling us that we have undervalued their properties.”

“So we are talking to the Kaduna State Government to find a solution to that.”

“Secondly near our 330 sub station at Mando,there is also a land there which they are asking for compensation. According to TCN rules and regulations, we only pay for crops and properties  .We don’t pay for land because  land belongs to the government”. 

“So we are also talking to the Kaduna State Government to find a way of resolving that issue. These are the things that are holding this  project.But the project is about 80% completed and the contractor assured us that he is going to finish it before the end of this year. “

He said the project is possible to be delivered because the contractor handling it is an experienced contractor. 

“There is a variation that was approved for this project, when we were there at FEC, before that approval was given,they told us that we must make sure that we are going to finish the project within the time of this administration.” 

“I.was there at the FEC  and I promised the government that we are going to do it.The contractor is aware of that and he has promised he is going to do it,” he said.


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