King Charles N. Lambert of the Black Wall Street, Creator of Compassionate Capitalism is the very first African in history to propose and implement revolutionary changes to Africa’s economic system as the primary way to deliver the continent from poverty and gross underdevelopment which is why he is known as the “Leader of Africa’s first economic war for economic independence”.

The introduction and implementation of the Compassionate Capitalism revolution has been endorsed and supported by countless governments and statesmen/women, over 7,000 African organic investors including a huge number of celebrities across Africa.

Compassionate Capitalism created by King Charles N. Lambert of the Black Wall Street is Investment-points focused hence also known as “Grazing the Cow” because it has a bottom-up approach of consumer empowerment and unending economic stimulus.

Compassionate Capitalism features include but are not limited to consumer receipt of investment points as a discount in sales cost for every purchase made through the Redirect Mall, (the retail front of the compassionate economy), and these investment points can then be used for investments in commercial projects for financial and social returns or investments in certificates to earn for jobs and supply contracts fulfilling the concept of not just milking but also grazing the cow.

This revolutionary economic system also provides a new financial accounts system known as the Trinity Accounts. This ensures that poverty and lack are mostly eliminated in the life of every active user of the Compassionate Capitalism platform.

Compassionate Capitalism is also basic human needs focused and prides itself in achieving increased access to 28 basic human needs as the height of its dreams. The Investments points gained by consumers during shopping are viable only in investments that help bridge access to 28 basic human needs creating an unending pro-poor and pro-development economic activities stimulation.

Compassionate Capitalism features also include “Development Rankings” which measure access to these 28 basic human needs for communities and the people who live in them helping to identify human needs and most importantly, providing a compass for the use of the investment points.

This new economic system also advocates for what is known as a “Democratic Economy” which favors the consumption of local productions and gross reduction in capital flight as well as new labor metrics in economic value which is the total of acquired certificates to earn and labor capacity reviews ultimately promoting ethical values among the workforce in the compassionate economy.


Compassionate Capitalism implementation has been accepted by experts to be capable of making Africa a Super Power, drastically reducing poverty, and fostering development through its countless empathy-driven innovative programs in the 28 basic human needs sectors.

King Charles N Lambert, creator of the compassionate economy is also the first person in the world to create 28 mobile applications by himself and the first person to also create 28 satellite TV stations, propose private sector-led development initiatives as the only sustainable solution to global poverty and underdevelopment. He also created the global development rankings and is the innovator of the poverty-eliminating financial system known as the Trinity Accounts.

The entire initiative to implement Compassionate Capitalism in the world is known as “Economic War” because it is a deliberate attempt to advance capitalism with a new order of business that is centered on empathy.

These and more are the primary reason Google indexed King Charles N. Lambert, creator of Compassionate Capitalism with the legacy of the ancient Black Wall Street ideology despite thousands of efforts made by African Americans in the past 100 years to attain this notoriety of the legacy of the Black Wall Street.

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