Concluding part of our live chat on Instagram with Judith Mazagwu popularly known as Afro Candy. The first part was published last Saturday.

Are you not thinking of getting married again or relocating back home to find a husband?

I am not relocating home to find a husband. There are many husbands all over the world. It’s not all about getting married again.  To me, marriage is worthless. Am sorry to say, I don’t need anybody in my space. First of all, I am used to sleeping alone in my bed. I don’t want a man in my bed anymore.

It kind of makes it like someone is trying to choke me. I need my space, I don’t want anybody choking my life.

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I don’t want anybody occupying my bathroom when I want to go in there. Besides, I am beginning to think men are not really clean or not really okay. They’re gonna blow their nose in the sink and probably not wash it.

They will pee in the bathroom and maybe pee will touch this thing, they might not wipe it off.

When they shave and maybe those small tiny things will be on the…, men, it’s too much.

And when you want to sleep they will just be there, snoring and gassing (farting). I don’t think I will ever get married again. I don’t really know. But never say never. I don’t want to argue, I don’t want arguments in my life at the moment because I am focused and I have a goal I want to achieve. We are not getting any younger. I don’t want to waste my youthful life on  unnecessary arguments.

You are always flaunting your boobs on social media, are they your selling point?

I don’t flaunt my boobs, rather my boobs flaunt themselves. I wear a normal bra and no matter how I try to squeeze them inside the bra, they are always popping up. What do you want me to do? Each time I try to hide them, they will show themselves. So, I am not the one flaunting my boobs, my boobs are flaunting themselves.

Meaning that you enhanced your boobs?

Not at all. I didn’t enhance my boobs. This is 100% my natural boobs. They are soft and succulent.

How many men make advances to you on a daily basis?

There are thousands. But the ones I can see with my eyes are about a hundred men. I try to look good when I’m stepping out and frowning my face so that nobody will disturb me. You know, men are like flies, they will always go for what they like.

What’s happening to your music career, are you still dropping songs?

Yes, I’m still dropping songs. In fact, I’m trying to shoot some music videos in Lagos now. The songs I have not been able to release for a long time now. I was about to release two songs before my late mother took ill, and it kind of destabilized me. I was kind of scared that she was sick and later died of the sickness. It kind of pulled me back.

Right now, I am going to release some of my songs from here. And I will be doing more songs from here before returning to America. So, my music career is on point. No shaking, and I’m planning to embark on a tour of Lagos with my music.

You look sexy all year round?

I am just created like that. I am a naturally beautiful woman whether I apply makeup or not.

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