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Dear Bunmi,

Whenever we got to my husband’s town house for weekend functions, he insists that our 17-year-old son stays with his sister’s family.

Our two other children are away at the university and I believe our son is mature enough to stay alone in our flat, but my husband thinks otherwise. What do you think?

Josephine, by e-mail.

Dear Josephine,

Why don’t you sound the opinion of some of your friends, who have teenage children? As you would discover, teenage children they thought were mature were nothing but disappointments. Some parents have come back from trips to find the house littered with empty beer cans. At 17, it’s just too tempting for your son to throw a party. Or invite a girlfriend to stay the night with.

My suggestion is that you slowly allow your son to earn your trust. Leave him on his own for a few hours first, then progress gradually (though I’d give him more time) before you leave him on his own for a whole weekend. When you do decide to go ahead, let him know you’re trusting him so he has to show you he’s up to it.  I’m sure with time, your son will prove to be responsible.  


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