Dear Bunmi,

About a year ago, my husband moved me and our two children out of our matrimonial home into one of his other flats. We’d been having problems with our marriage because he is a chronic womaniser who had slept with a couple of my nieces. His reason for wanting time on his own is that he’s always been a loner.

In spite of this, I would have loved to go on with the marriage because of the children, but he told me point blank that he doesn’t want to live with a woman any more.

I’ve never felt so lonely in my life. I can’t get rid of the anger and bitterness I feel about my husband’s treatment of me. All my friends are either married or having a good relationship. Although we all go to parties at times, I have no man of my own. Can I ever find love again?

Labo, by e-mail.

Dear Labo,

Nothing is impossible but I doubt if you’ll find any decent man with your self-esteem currently as low as it is. Stop thinking of yourself as a reject. Accept that your marriage is over and allow yourself time to come to terms with that. Then move on. Have a social life that is not dramatic and don’t look at men you meet as potential lovers. Flirt with men and try and discover yourself all over again.

Before you know it, love will find you and your husband will be part of a memory.


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