* Speaks on his aspiration to represent the good people of Alimosho in the green chamber.

Prince Idris Balogun(A.K.A Oluomo Kafata) is a renowned businessman and philanthropist of international standing.

The chairman of Oluomo Integrated Services Limited is not only into surface mining and dredging, but he also owned other business outfits that are into equipment leasing, real estate management, haulage and construction. In this chat,  he spoke about his passion for the poor, political aspirations and entrepreneurial footprints amongst other sundry issues. Excepts.

Briefly tell us about yourself?

My name is Prince Idris Balogun (A.K.A Oluomo Kafata ) the aspirant for the Federal House of Representatives in the 2023 race. I was brought up in Alimosho Local Government Area. I am from Isheri Olofin in Alimosho Local Government Area. I am a son of the soil and a son of late Oba Wahab Ayinde Balogun Oni Isheri of Isheri.

As a businessman and entrepreneur who has chains of businesses. Do you think your dream and aspirations when it comes to entrepreneurship have been met and what are those things that propelled you to go into business before going into public office? 

Well, I am fully a businessman to the core. I am also a guru in business locally and internationally. I have had my legit business going on for several years now. I have been into business in Nigeria and overseas through exports and imports. When you talk about politics, this is a long time ambition and aspiration I have been nursing for several years now. I have always had a passion for serving people. My passion and commitment to the people cannot be overemphasized and were succinctly captured in my declaration speech which I said interalia; “It will remain in the memory of citizens and residents of Alimosho Federal Constituency that history is about to be made with my representation. You deserve a representative who is ready to serve the lovely, obedient and law-abiding peoples of Alimosho Federal Constituency with fear of God, honesty and integrity.

I love humanity and intrinsically gives to a fault so giving back to my constituency is a done deal. I will operate the feedback mechanism type of leadership in order to foster a healthy relationship between the leader and the led. I am on a mission to put smiles on the faces of my constituents thereby bridging the Gap between the rich and poor. I intend to replicate my business secrets to my leadership footprints through job creation, improved allocation of resources and legislation of laws that are pro-people. As an age-long vision, I intend to join forces with other stakeholders to make my constituency the largest in West Africa and an attractive destination for tourism and business. I have resolved to banish poverty and hunger in my constituency through food production and job creation”. I am growing my business with focus and determination doing the politics at the grassroots level since we have been following the right channel in Lagos State APC. We started from AD to AC from ACN to the amalgamation of APC in 2014 and 2015 before President Buhari became President.

You are so passionate about the poor, the less privileged and the needy in society. What is your drive ?

Generally, I am someone that shows sympathy when it comes to the masses or the less privileged in society. I see that passion for helping the needy as a calling for me. You are blessed when you help because givers never lack. This is why when I joined politics, I don’t find it difficult to give to the less privileged and vulnerable in society.

What are the things you feel are not proper within Alimosho Constituency that made you want to join the race to bring that change?

There is a lot within Alimosho political system that is not proper. In Alimosho, you cannot decide on your own to be a leader. It’s a leader or group of leaders that will select you. It has been going on and we frown at it because it is unfair. This is one of the anomalies we came to correct so we can liberate our people.

There is this rumour that since the inception of Alimosho Federal Constituency, no indigene has held any sensitive office? As one of the indigenes, is this statement true?

Actually, that statement is true. Since the inception of Alimosho

Federal Constituency, no indigene has held any sensitive position in the polity. Even the position I am vying for, no indigene has occupied it since the creation of the state. No post or appointment has been giving to any indigene since the creation of Alimosho from Ikeja. It has always been the exclusive preserve of the non-indigenes. We have been pleading with the party to give us opportunity to represent to have a sense of belonging.

What are some of the things you will do to help Alimosho Constituent have a different look if the Almighty God favours you with the mandate ?

My own representation would be different from the one we experience presently because people can see my works before I aspire and emerge for the position. I have been assisting people around me since I declared my interest in the Alimosho Federal Constituency. I have shown capacity since 9months that I made my intention known. I have been giving free school rides to students within my constituent. I am doing them with my resources because I am not getting contracts or support from anywhere. I have also been sharing learning materials like lunch bags, school bags, exercise books and other things. We work on roads that are not motorable by working with relevant authorities to get them done. With these my selfless doings, the people know that I have the capacity and competence to represent them.

How would you rate APC performance in Lagos State over the years?

We can’t compare APC performance in Lagos State with other states because, since the inception of APC, we have had a leader in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu(A.K.A Jagaban). Omo Ologun is a man with structure and integrity.

You cannot satisfy all humans. Asiwaju is playing his own part without looking at anyone. He has done a lot for people. No party can defeat APC in Lagos State. We cannot derail from the line Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has drawn for us. Our mission for Asiwaju in 2023 is for him to become the President and for Oluomo Kafata to emerge as a candidate for the Alimosho Federal Constituency.

Do you think you stand a better chance than others to get the ticket being an indigene?

Yes, I am a leading aspirant because I have the capacity. I am bold to say that because I have the strength and vision and all that it takes to get to the green chamber. I am a frontline aspirant, as you can see some of the political innovations going on in Alimosho today started some two years ago in order to liberate our people due to political marginalisation. We took this development upon ourselves by gradually building people.

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