May 21, 2022

Financial intelligent experts advocate appreciation of crypto, digital assets exchange business in Anambra

By Chris Onuoha

Cryptocurrency has been rated as a very popular means of currency exchange among millennials since it became mainstream, says some financial experts at weekend during a financial intelligent session with some businessmen in Awka, Anambra State.

The experts comprising some top Crypto operators in Nigeria alluded that it has become popular unlike few years back when its acceptability was still doubtful, adding that it has now gained sufficient recognition to qualify it for use in making or receiving payments, and also as an investment vehicle to hedge against inflation.

They noted that Cryptocurrencies are completely decentralized, meaning that they are not governed by any central bank or monetary authority that has spurred their wide acceptance in many countries including Nigeria.

“Nigeria’s predominantly young tech-savvy population is also the reason cryptos have found widespread acceptance in the country,” said the experts.

They also mentioned that trading and exchanging of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies and also, the exchange of digital assets can be daunting at the initial step, noting that there are frequent news about scams and loss of money by people, especially here in Nigeria.

“The essence of this exercise is to reveal several ways to trade with cryptocurrencies in Nigeria. And before choosing the best exchanger for your trading or investing, it is important to understand the types of exchangers we have in Anambra State in particular and the way they operate,” says the experts.

CJ GRAND EXCHANGE’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Obeche Jude Chibuzor taking the lead in the conversation said; “One cannot discuss Crypto exchange while having CJ Grand Exchange in isolation. The company has over the years established unparalleled dominance in crypto exchange. They are regarded as one of the fastest with regards to swift payments. Of course, their well-structured service affords traders and investors the ease of doing their transactions from anywhere, be it at home, workplace or again at their own convenient time,” he said.

In furtherance to that, Obeche noted; “On the issue of security, CJ Grand Exchange boosts high-tech security systems as they understand the imperative of a good security system in digital trade; hence clients’ details are super protected against intrusion of any sort.

“Furthermore, our customer service is top-notch and ready to attend to customers’ needs promptly. On CJ Grand Exchange, one can comfortably buy and sell digital shares, gift cards, and of course, cryptocurrency. We equally have provisions for affiliates where one can earn money by simply recommending their website to people,” he stated.

According to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Kachiplug Exchange, Nlemchukwu Godswill, who made a tangible contribution at the session, said that the main concern when trading with any kind of crypto currencies and digital assets is safety and security.

According to him, statistically, 32% of Nigerians are users of crypto-currencies, the highest in the world. He asserted that estimates show that, of the top ten countries for trading volumes, Nigeria ranked third after the US and Russia in 2020, generating more than US$400 million worth of transactions.

Nlemchukwu stressed some points drawing from his company’s activities, saying that Kachiplug is driven by a mission to create the world’s best exchange platform for traders globally.

“Since winning the Best Exchanger Award in 2021, KachiPlug Exchanger has continued to dominate the Exchange world having made seamless the trading of bitcoins and giftcard at one’s comfort. Having understood the complexities that accompany crypto trading which had limited individuals’ interest in cryptocurrency, Kachiplug has made the trading of cryptocurrency and all kind of digital assets such as PayPal, Payoneer and others quite seamless, efficient and brisk,” Nlemchukwu said.

He further stated that Kachiplug Exchange is quite outstanding because of its pedigree in instant funding, trading at best rates, round the clock customer support system, exploration of diverse Digital Asset, surprise packages for customers on monthly basis, and reward system for top traders, adding that most important it is a top-notch security system for users.

Nlemchukwu disclosed that the exercise is geared towards encouraging the operators domiciled in Anambra State known as a business hub in Nigeria as well as serving as a bridge between intending traders and the operators.

Paschal Chineme Offor, Chairman and CEO, PassyXchange in his contribution x-rayed crypto business from his own perspective. The company that deals on all kinds of cryptocurrencies, actively buys gift cards and bitcoins with ease, cryptocurrency wallet providers, bitcoin exchanges, payment service providers and venture capital; peer to peer lending, exchange-traded funds, over the counter trading, micro-payments and prediction markets.

He said; “With a core mandate of impacting the trust of her customers and swift response towards customers’ transactions, PassyXchange has remained one of the most popular and reliable Exchange platforms. The company has since 2019 not reneged on its assured commitment to maximum outputs and profits, which has led many of its customers to financial freedom.”

Obi Anthony Emmanuel Chidiebere, the chairman and CEO of OBCREX, reiterated needs for Nigerians to harp on the benefits of Crypto business, saying that it makes business seamless.

“OBCREX as one of the reliable brand has remained true in delivering premium trading experience to our customers over years. One cannot talk of Obcrex without associating it with their fast, reliable up-to-date rate and payment to their customer, which is of importance in the space of cryptocurrency,” he said.

The chairman who also disclosed their business contact to the audience located at C9 Ultimate Plaza, off Club Street, Regina, Awka in Anambra State, said that crypto business and its benefits cannot be overemphasized in Nigeria.

For the founder, USDPlug EXCHANGE, Ezeh Augustine Chidera, another exchange platform that has greatly lived up to its vision and mission as long as exchange business is concerned in Anambra State showed presence. In his statement, it read; “The company’s trajectory has been premised on the provision of fast, reliable and efficient e-currency exchange services.

“Trading of cryptocurrency, and gift cards, among other exchanges, has been maximally optimized by USDplug Exchange as we places a premium on ease of doing business. Our services have remained top-notch with unparalleled customer care service that ensures end-users enjoy seamless exchange on their platform,” he added.

For Raphael Ifeanyi Chidera, founder, HARRYB EXCHANGE, he said that the company founds its way to the top through the ingenuity of their operations where they believe every individual can become a great trader in the digital space. Not only offering a great and effective user-friendly platform to trade, but the company also encourages newbies through their Corporate Social Responsibility CSR.

“In a highly competitive digital space, the HarryB exchange offers customers an excellent and swift trading platform that one who isn’t conversant with crypto trade can easily grasp the intricacies of digital assets,” he said.

Also, Nworah Ebuka Ebenezer, the CEO and founder, BerryPlug Exchange, domiciled in Anambra State stated that the company has witnessed steady and consistent rise in delivering fast response and swift payment to their customers. The genuineness of the company has paved way for more customers, servicing customers around and out of Anambra state.

“BerryPlug is one company anyone can comfortably trade with without fear of funds theft or related issues on security.

Their customer service is wonderful and their payment method and pattern is very much recommended and commendable,” said Nworah.

The chairman and CEO of Shaks Exchange, Okoh Uchechukwu said the company has remained dedicated in ensuring Customers satisfaction. This according to him on has equally help the company build trust and recommendations over years, adding that one can enjoy a seamless trading experience with Shaks Exchange without fears.

“You can trade with Shaks without fears or lost of business and money. We are into strictly buying of E-funds, buying and selling of Cryptocurrency. We help our clients and customers build their crypto portfolios as well as teach crypto trading,” he said.

However, with the list of the best cryptocurrency exchange companies listed on this platform, the experts stressed that one is at liberty to make choices. They advised that any potential business man should do a due diligence research before making a choice or who to trade with.

They also mentioned that any exchange company to choose at any moment is determined by the type of transaction one wants to carry out at a particular point in time.

The experts opined that the exercise will continue to hold and to review from time to time, to bring updates that would guide investors’ choices.