May 1, 2022

‘Epe fast becoming Dubai of Nigeria’

‘Epe fast becoming Dubai of Nigeria’


By Henry Ojelu

In order to establish the assertion that Epe is the new Lagos, co-founder and Head of Strategy & Growth, Dukiya Investments, Mr Bayo Lawal, has affirmed that the city is, without doubt, an environment waiting to be tapped by various investors with the enormous scale of development which is gradually turning the city into Dubai in Nigeria.

Lawal said this at the dinner event marking the firm’s celebration of their one year anniversary that was recently held at Raddison Blu, Victoria Island, adding, “a lot of people are going to Epe because it has been opened up with many infrastructures, in such a way that all the roads that link Epe to other towns like Ijebu, Eleko, Lagos island and others have been done, meaning people can go in and out of it without hindrance.”

“Having in mind that wherever there is infrastructure in real estate, that is where development is and Epe happened to have affordable properties, where people can invest. Also, some of the ideas that government intends to implement are looking impossible in some already developed areas; they therefore, bring them to Epe because the environment is still a ‘virgin’ place.”

He further expressed that a lot of organisations are now going towards the area, the likes of Berger with their cashew plants and other companies going there to set up facilities that can bring future into Lagos or Nigeria in extension.

Speaking on the firm’s contribution to the country, Lawal asserted that “Dukiya has contributed immensely to the development of real estate in Nigeria because when you look at the property owners in Nigeria with Dukiya as an extension, you will see that we have created room for over 200 people to be landlords in Lagos and that may have been impossible if Dukiya investment hasn’t come into the market.

“Also, looking at the development of real estate in Nigeria, we are a structured organisation to the core, we have an organisation that runs whether the leaders are available or not, it is not a one-man system, and that has also helped the real estate organisation in Nigeria because many organisations used this system also to help their business and now we have many of them now.”

“We have created a system that allows people to visit their lands at will, also for people to get allocated instantly, a system that allows them to get their receipts after payment, so with all these, we have created a lot of easy platforms that have made housing more accessible in Nigeria,” he added.

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