By Gabriel Olawale

The Chief Medical Director, Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Dr Olugbenga Owoeye has admonished Nigerians most especially youths to shun drug abuse, smoking and other social vices that can ruin their future.

Speaking during the 2021/2022 Matriculation Ceremony of the Federal School of Occupational Therapy, Oshodi, Lagos, Owoeye said that a lot of people who engaged in drugs or smoking, the moment they are entangled, quitting becomes difficult.

He explained that drug addicts are not in position to quit the habit on their own except they receive help from expert and those around them.

“Though the choice to abuse drugs is personal, stopping is not unilateral. When people who abuse drugs tell you that they want to stop but can’t help themselves from going back into it, they are saying the truth. It is their choice to start, but by the time the drug starts to use them, it is not their decision alone to stop.

“Whether they will stop or not is a serious battle between the impulsive part of the brain and reflective part of the brain.  Irrespective of the psychoactive substance someone is taken, on the final analysis, this substance has significant and lasting changes in the brain especially in the part of the brain that as to do with thinking, feeling and judgment.

“By the time drug starts to affect the brain, it empowers part of the brain called the impulsive, which dominates reflective part of the brain, such that the person is willing but cannot go by his own decision because there is part of the brain that is compelling him to work against his decision.

“He or she will be the one to decide not to indulge in drug and still be the one to go back into drug. He or she will tell you, I don’t want to go back to drug but I find myself going back. At that moment, impulsive part of the brain has put pressure on reflective part of the brain.

“To get out of it, you need expert intervention by coming to a place like our institution, Federal Neuro Psychiatric Hospital Yaba. We have a robust program to help people quite drug abuse or smoking.”

He encouraged the newly be focused, study hard and make sure they graduated with good grade.

On his part, the Acting Principal of Federal School of Occupational Therapy, Oshodi-Lagos, Mr. Adeoso Akinwole said the role occupational therapist in rehabilitating patient back to the society is unquantifiable.

“Occupational Therapists fill the space of rehabilitating physiatrist patient back into the community as one of the numerous function they performed. As an institution, we boost of the best result in training and practical aspect. Our students are in dire need within and outside the country.

Our students can work in different places ranges from psychiatric hospital, orthopedic hospital among others.

“As Occupational Therapist, we assist clients with physical and psychiatric conditions to reach their maximum level of function and independence in all aspects of their daily living.

“Unlike other types of therapy, Occupational Therapists takes a holistic approach and deals with the whole person. The certificate obtained from this school qualifies you as an Occupational Therapy Assistant.

“At the end of your Diploma Programme, you will have to go further and obtain your degrees and qualify as full-fledged occupational therapy practitioners. Federal School of Occupational Therapy, Oshodi is first of its kind in Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region.”

The school is one of the two schools operated by the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba. The second is the school of post-Basic Psychiatric Nursing.


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