Nowhere secured in Nigeria — Mbazulike Amechi
Mbazulike Amechi

By Chimaobi Nwaiwu, NNEWI

Foremost nationalist and First Republic Aviation Minister, Chief Mbazulike Amechi, Tuesday, took a swipe at the some Nigerians politician, particularly presidential aspirants who are claiming that nomination of interest forms were bought for them by people who are urging them to contest different positions in the 2023 general election, telling them to be ashamed of themselves.

Terribly disappointed Chief Amechi, told Vanguard that, with their blatant lies, particularly from presidential seat aspirants, that people or groups bought forms for them, they are only telling the world that “somebody who wants to preside over the government of over 200 million people, cannot make up his mind, that it is people that make up mind for him.”

Chief Amechi said that it is only in a “breaking vessel” called Nigeria, that politicians can come up with such blatant lies about people or groups buying forms for them, particularly the presidential seat aspirants, and people will believe them, saying that all their lies and maneuvers is calculated to keep away a certain section of the country out of the race.

“So they think they are telling that to fools, they regard all Nigerians as fools and they are the fools we are looking like, for telling us that rubbish. Now somebody bought forms for you, somebody forced to agree and append your signature on the forms, what a lie.

The whole games they are playing is calculated to keep away certain section of the country. However it is for the people affected to come together and give a serious thought to their continued association or partnership in this breaking vessel called Nigeria.

“The things happening now about who occupies the seat of the president in 2023, is telling the world that this is a federation where corruption and stealing is officially allowed, committed and encouraged by the government. When you dole out N100 million naira to buy party nomination and interest form, how much is the yearly salary of the president of the country. It tells you that something is wrong with the fight against corruption.


“Is the yearly salary of the president of this country up to N200 million naira? How come appointees and lawmakers are doling out such an amount of money to buy forms, where did they get such money. Is the president making such amount of money genuinely every year.

They are telling Nigerians that it is rouges that are preparing to go in there. This is enough for the president to beware of people he wants to succeed him, He should know rouges are preparing to take over from him to control the keys of the treasury of the Central Bank.

“Their intention is to scatter whatever that is remaining in the country and to squander the oil money and wealth of the country, that is what they are planning. Nobody is controlling them, they are telling the world that they are out of control, people that lack conscience.

“When somebody spend about N10 or N20 billion naira to contest election in a nation, when he enters into office, what do you think he will do, will he not first of all try to recover what he spent, and the most possible way or recovering what he spent, is it not by stealing from the treasury of the country, stealing the oil of the country, the only source of wealth of the country.

“Honestly I’m very ashamed to be called a Nigerian, I’m very ashamed to be called a Nigerian because this is not the country which I shed my blood and sweat in order for it to be found. This is not the Federation we fought for, and I’m sure that the founding fathers of this country who are now in the other world will feel embarrassed and thoroughly ashamed that this is their country.”

Chief Amechi, also expressed shock that an incumbent Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, is nursing ambition to become a president, to succeed his boss.

“And he is accepting that people bought form for him? And he proudly accepted it? Who is he talking to, does he think he is talking to idiots?

“Also annoying is the claim that a group has equally bought form for former President Goodluck Jonathan. What a country! If former President Jonathan will be such a puppet that he can be manoeuvred like that, it shows the level of our intelligence, and the level of personalities that have presided over the affairs of this country. All of a sudden people who worked to throw you out of office are buying form for you to come back, yet they were the people that pushed you out of office.

“It’s only God that will purify this country, it’s not something He will do gently, he will wipe away this set of people out of the country, so that the wish of God for this nation to prevail. I doubt if this nation will continue to survive as a federation, I seriously doubt it.”

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