Leading Presidential Aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Rt Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi last night, got another endorsement, as Akwa Ibom State APC delegates pledged to vote for him at the Party’s presidential Primary.

At a meeting with the delegates and leaders of the APC in Uyo, former Governor of the old Cross River State (present day Akwa Ibom and Cross River States), Donald Etiebet, who spoke on behalf of the delegates, said Akwa Ibom will deliver a hundred percent votes to Amaechi at the primary election.

Etiebet said, “The caliber of persons in your entourage goes to prove that you are hundred per cent accepted throughout this country. On behalf of all the delegates of Akwa Ibom State, we are going to return a hundred percent untainted votes to you. You can go home and be assured of that.”

Earlier at a meeting with the Council of Traditional Rulers of Akwa Ibom State, Amaechi assured that he will change the fortunes of Nigeria and Nigerians if he is elected President.

He gave the Traditional Rulers reasons why he is the best person to succeed President Buhari and urged them to convince their subjects who are delegates in the APC to vote for him at the Primary election.

“I am very qualified and very experienced, more experienced than all of them that are running (other presidential aspirants). Trust me, I have the capacity and the knowledge to overcome the challenges of insecurity. I have the capacity to understand that you cannot solve insecurity if you don’t solve economic problems, so we must address the two.

“I’m here to request that you ask your subjects that are in APC who are delegates to the Primaries on the 29th of May to please vote for me. I will change the fortunes of Nigeria, and that is an assurance I give to you. And I will be accountable to you as our leaders and accountable to Nigerians.

“When you vote for me and I become the President of Nigeria, I will meet with the National Assembly to see how we can amend the constitution to add the Traditional Rulers in the Constitution, so that they can have the responsibility of helping us to administer the rural areas, checking insecurity and making life better for our people.”

Responding, the President General of the Akwa Ibom State Traditional Ruling Council, His Eminence, Ntenyin Solomon Etuk, said Nigeria needs a leader in the caliber of the former Transportation Minister.

He said, “Nigeria needs someone that knows the job, how to lead. Somebody that might have passed through mentorship, and knows the problem of this country. And I want to believe you know our challenges. I strongly believe, on behalf of the Traditional Council that you will not let us down. When you become the President of this country come 2023, please don’t forget us.”

“I know, with your capacity, you’ll be able to give us direction. Teach us how to fish, guide us to where our children will become independent. Turning around to see a personality of Lt Gen Buratai, it gives me great joy to see him here. All is not lost, because he fought gallantly against the insurgency in this country. I can see other very important people in your midst who are leading in their different spheres. I know they will advice you properly on the things to do for the betterment of Nigeria. Nigeria first, building bridges of love, unity and peace.

“We want a leader, we want a President that knows the problem of this country. And we will give you all the required support. When you call us, we’ll be there to assist you.

“This country needs a leader that is very humane, that will touch our hearts. If you lead with the fear of God, God will show you the way, and I believe strongly that you will lead with the fear of God, because leadership is not child’s play. Leadership requires people that are resilient. You were Governor, Minister and the rest, but the Presidency, when you are there, I know you’ll know how to administer. I can see how agile you are, and when you get there I know you’ll be kicking even better than how you are today.

“We pray for you, we say go. May the Almighty God who knows the beginning to the end be with you, guide you aright, show you the way to go and there won’t be any pitfall. You’ll move, you’ll succeed and you’ll become the President come 2023. I have made that pronouncement, don’t take it for granted,” Etuk said.

He acknowledged Amaechi’s idea to constitutionally make the role of traditional rulers inclusive, and thanked the former Minister for his assurance, saying, “If we are included in the constitution of this country like you said, it will be well defined, how we should go. But meanwhile, we are doing what we are supposed to do, and we’ll continue to do it.”


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