2023: We don’t care where presidential candidates come from — ACF
Murtala Aliyu, Secretary General of ACF

*… says he must be Nigerian in nature, character

By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo 

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has reacted to PDP’s decision to throw its presidential ticket open, saying it does not care where the candidates to be presented by the political parties in 2023 would come from.

Speaking to Vanguard on Thursday, Murtala Aliyu, Secretary General of the ACF, said: “The  issue of any political party, not just the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, deciding how they intend to run their programme, how they intend to procure their candidates, I think it is entirely a partisan issue.

“We made statements previously on this; we don’t care where candidates come from. What we consider important is that the candidate is a Nigerian in nature and in character.

“Secondly, we would engage any candidate that the party throws up after the primaries. Engage him on what programme he has for Nigeria and what programme he has, especially for the North.

“If there are issues and there are issues peculiar to the North, we would discuss with him and see how he can address them.

“Like we said, it doesn’t matter where the candidate comes from.

“So if a political party decides that their candidate can come from anywhere, and they feel that will give them an advantage during election, so be it. This is democracy.

“So we are not averse to any political party determining how it intends to throw up their candidate,” he said.

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