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2023: PDP has cleared me for presidential poll — Anakwenze

Idowu Bankole



*Unfolds 12-point agenda, pledges to restructure Nigeria if elected

By Joseph Erunke, ABUJA

DR Nwachukwu Anakwenze, said the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has cleared him to run for its presidential primary contrary to reports that he was disqualified by the party.

Anakwenze, who revealed this at a press conference in Abuja, said his inability to submit some of the needed particulars was responsible for the party’s earlier decision not to clear him, explaining that he has provided all that was needed of him, resulting in his clearance.

But he said his action was not deliberate, explaining that as a Nigerian based outside the country, he didn’t first understand some of the requirements.

The presidential aspirant at the event, unfolded his 12-point agenda, top among which are security, health, education and restructuring of Nigeria to a true and balanced federation.

Anakwenze, an American based medical doctor, used the occasion to commend the party for giving all the aspirants equal honour and recognition during the successful screening to participate in the convention.

He promised that if elected as president, he would eliminate corruption, develop real security throughout Nigeria, focus on youth, women and economic empowerment, make the schools safe and overhaul the education system of the country.

He also vowed to create jobs; develop a world standard health care system; revive agriculture; steer the country towards a rapid industrial revolution, develop tourism, improve Nigeria’s image and “implement restructuring, regionalization and devolution of powers expressed in a new Nigerian constitution.”

He spoke further: “Our agenda is, we want true democracy in Nigeria beginning with freedom for fellow Nigerians and by extension, Africa, as a whole. A Nigeria where the various ethnic groups feel that they have a stake in the future of the country.

“We envision a Nigeria where leadership is based on merit, hard work, fairness for all and accountability as the measure of our national character.

“We envision a united Nigeria in a true sense of the word “United”, where every Nigerian feels a sense of belonging and not marginalized, where the governed have trust in the governance and the governed truly believe that they can vote, and be voted in to serve, understand the true meaning of “public trust”, the country where regardless of one’s ethnic and/or religious backgrounds, all must feel that they are part of the equation.

“We envision a Nigeria where ethnic diversity is seen as a strength and asset to be harnessed and celebrated as part of our rich heritage.

“Equity, fairness and justice should be the guiding principle for a just society that we envision. We want a Nigeria where the majority’s right is balanced with the minority’s right.”

He tasked Nigerians to believe in healthy competitive excellence as açcording to him,”that is the hallmark of great nations. “